Sharon V. β™‘

What do your dreams look like?

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My name is Sharon! I am a mama of 3. raising a teenager, special needs child & an infant all while building my dream life!

2 years ago , I took a leap of faith and started a new business venture that has brought me so much happiness and opened some amazing new doors I never could have imagined! I am partnered with the fastest growing hair care & skincare company. I am eternally grateful to have been offered this opportunity. Trust me when I say I was the BIGGEST skeptic. I circled around this business opportunity for 7 months before I even said yes! Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for this company & community and how it’s not only molded me as a person, but helped my family financially.

Prior to joining Monat, I was working at a doctors office. I was a medical assistant for 9 years. I worked 10 hour shifts everyday. Barely getting to spend time with my kids. I would get home just in time to make dinner and get my kids ready for bed. Was it my dream job? No. Was I happy? No. But it was all I knew, it was comfortable & it paid the bills & kept a roof over our heads.

Since joining, I have been able to leave that job where I felt miserable, and just unhappy overall day in and day out of the same routine . I knew I deserved more, my kids deserved more. They deserved to have their mom pick them up earlier from the sitters. Here we are working less & making more! This business was literally heaven sent.

My mission is to be able to continue sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible, people who WANT something more, people who know they deserve more out of life. If this sounds like you, let’s talk!