Shauna Bagenstos

I am a 50 something wife, mother, writer, and minister. Mostly, I’m me.

People might call me an extroverted-introvert if they were to analyze me. People who don’t know me may believe I am serious, even reticent. Those who know me would differ. They would call me zany. Maybe even hilarious.

I am serious about God’s plan and Word. I’m serious about my family being directly in the Will of God. I am serious about praying for, and ministry to, the people God gives me. I believe this mission is best accomplished with good humor and straight up fun! I believe God brought us here to be joyful and to have a good time!

For the last 33 years my husband and I, and our four amazing children, have ministered to children, families, and anyone else God has put in our path. We have a burning desire to bring people of all ages into the Presence of God.

God wanted a family. He built a beautiful home for His creation. Soon, His creation needed rescue. God sent our hero, Jesus to give Himself to save everyone. So many have still not heard, and even those who have, don’t know Him as their friend and brother. We are on an ongoing mission to bring Him to the world.

Jesus commissioned us to love one another as we love ourselves. We are unleashing His love as we journey along.

By the Grace of God!

Life gets better and better!

Where would I be without these guys?

Whatever shall we build? Creative Ministry Solutions Ifest 2018 Puppet build contest.