About Me

Let’s Dive Right In!!!

A BLACK MAN, A father, a son, a brother, I am all of the above. My name is Shawn Gordy. Born in the beautiful city of Detroit, MI, but raised between there and the sweet southern lands of Sandersville, GA. In 2005 I joined the U.S. Navy, where I spent two enlistments, one in Sasebo, Japan, and other in Virginia Beach, VA. After leaving the navy in 2011 I never quite found what I was searching for. Finding employment was never the easiest, not even for a vet. This type of turmoil can affect you drastically. Your MINDSET has to be strong. It took me until 2018 to learn this, and since then my world has changed for the better.

2020 was an eye opener for many of us. One thing it did for me was made me finally work towards the dream I had always wanted, FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I have long thought about having the ability to do what I want, when I want for quite some time. Not only that, but to also have the WEALTH OF TIME, and to be able to spend the majority of that time with the ones you love, doing the things you desire most. I now have that.

In 2018 I began to do my research on the Foreign Exchange Market. I have always had an interest in trading, but this was brand new to me. I started my journey searching for free material on Google and YouTube, but of course it was never quite enough. My journey then lead me to IMarketsLive but is now known as IM Academy. IM Academy has provided me the education and the tools to trade successfully in the 7 Trillion dollar Foreign Exchange Market.

Needless to say, the academy is life changing for me, and can be for YOU. When I joined the academy, I also joined a organization in connection with the academy. This organization is more of a family. The networking within it has made my learning experience 10X better and more efficient. We are steadily growing and always welcoming even more, and WE would love to have you too!