Who is Shayla?

If we all did the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves - Thomas A. Edison

Hi everyone! My name is Shayla, I am a licensed Paralegal in the Province of Ontario, and I also run my own beauty and wellness business through my phone📱, and more importantly I’m a first time-momma 👨‍👩‍👧.

Being in the legal field has made me realize I couldn’t help EVERYONE. You win some cases you lose some, it happens. But I wanted to be able to help people love themselves more. So how could I do that? How can I work in my career and make people love themselves again? Well, I was introduced to Modern Nature. I tried the products then I was exposed to the wonderful world of opportunities it offers. So I did it. I STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS! I DID IT!!

So here I am. Making people fall in love with themselves for just changing their hair and skin routine, while also taking my girls with me and making a small change to the world together… which together all of US can make a BIG change to the world. 🥰✨

Meet Shuti —

Heey everyone! We’re Shayla and Tuti, collectively, Shuti.

We’re a GTAH couple, who met in Toronto in early 2018 and began dating in August of 2019.

We met at Lula Lounge in 2018. Shayla would frequent there with her mom and friends and Tuti began his singing career exposure in the Toronto Live Salsa Music industry.

We began our relationship as friends which evolved into a romantic relationship. From dating in 2019 to being engaged in 2021 with their puppy Lulo, to welcoming their own little girl in August of 2022.

Follow our journey along our relationship, parenthood, wedding planning and life.