shaylie marie ❤︎

hey babe, happy you're here ☻︎

hey there!
i'm sure you know my name if you've gotten this far, buttttt
i'm shaylie ❤︎—i'm 18 and i am currently a freshman at SOSU. i was born & raised in oklahoma. i'm actually a mama to two tortoises (green bean casserole aka cassie, + wilbur), and 3 guinea pigs (honey, biscuit, & latte). 𓆉

honestly, i can't think of any hobbies to list, but i love meeting new people, helping others out, andddd my fav— i LOVE spending time with my family. oh, and i'm overly obsessed with t swift.

i'm sure if you've seen my insta or fb you've seen my boyfriend, aka my bestie for the restie. he's very supportive of everything i do.

i really get nothing but joy out of creating this link to help you guys out! sometimes the struggle is real to shop last minute things for my boyfriend & i if i want to match, so i'll be throwing in some cute swimwear + pjs for you guys to look through that aren't too expensive.

ALSO, i'm obsessed with finding good deals on things so if i find fun vacations or trips to go on that don't cause a big hole in the pocket, i'll be sure to link them here as well. idk how well i will keep up with this link, so it might not still be a deal when you see it haha

anyways, txt me if you're reading this and wanna talk or have any questions !!
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in happiness❤︎—
your new bestie, shay