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Hello everyone , thank you so much for taking a time and having a visit on my Website !
I am Ankita Mahanta , I have done my graduation in Commerce from Ramadevi Women's University where I was elected as Dramatic Secretary for the year 2017. I have done my Masters in commerce from Fakir Mohan University.

I am creating this website for blog post. 😊

My Top Picks

Inner peace

In this day to day life everyone is lacking of inner peace and neglecting their mental health. But it is very important to give same priority to mental health as well as physical health. Instability of mental health could be there in respect of presence of all the happiness. So beware of it and give some time to yourself.

Recommendation #1 Wakeup early.

Wake up early makes you healthy physically and mentally both. It could also help you to add some extra hours to your daily life.

Recommendation #2 Do Yoga

From the ancient time there has always been so importance of Yoga, Yoga is very helpful to cure many disease and it also helps to fit.

Recommendation #3 Meditation

Meditation a day keeps all the worries away. Meditation is so necessary for a good and sound mental health. It has always been prooved that meditation has been helpful as balancing mental state, increasing sound sleep , increase in focus in study and also in our day to day life. It really helps a man to be calm and composed.

Recommendations #4 Eat healthy

Your body is always whatever you are eating. So taking a balanced diet and good healthy foods are really necessary for our body. And the intake of water is very very important.

Recommendations #5 Finish your everyday work

Everyday work must be finished on that day only, it helps you to be more responsible in your life and it won't create burden in future. I hope everyone could relate to this thought.

Recommendations #6 Sleep early

Our body needs a sleep of 8 hours for a constant mind and a healthy body. So it is really necessary to sleep early and Wake up in the morning early.