Hey Y'all

Child of God • Wife • Mama bear • Boss Babe

Hi 👋🏼 I’m Just Sheena.

I’m an enthusiastic, adventurous, and spontaneous. I love new experiences and always want to party. 💃🏽
(But it’s slowing down bc I’m old) and I’m actually borderline introverted, so sometimes I just like to be alone 💁🏼‍♀️

I have one smart, sponky, SASSY daughter, a sweet baby boy, and married for almost 7 years to my absolute best friend!

I have 3 degrees and don’t currently use any of them. I have taught preschool- kinder, been a school director, program leader for youth & teens, and currently a SAHM. Ultimately God has called me to mentor & share Gods word with young people (young in age or faith). I just want to be a sprinkle of Gods light to the world in whatever way God chooses ❤️

My business story is I was not looking for a business. It found me. I mostly just wanted discounted tanner for my white legs 😆😂

I was instantly inspired by all the God fearing women on the team & It ignited something inside me, It has allowed me to see a vision of an amazing future with more time spent with those I love! And God is LOVE!

I have a VIP group that I share everyday Sheena life with you! It’s my social life, decor tips, life tips, cute clothes, party planning, and of course my favorite products! 🙌🏼

😘 Sheena Jane