Welcome to SheeWorks

On a mission to make A Lot of Women A Lot of Money

SheeWorks has been created to help a lot of women make a lot of money. 💴💴

We believe that there is an abundance of opportunity out there, and more women can and should be high income earners. We have simplified the process of launching your new offer or business to help you leave your own legacy, online.

Our strategies and trainings simplify the often over complicated process of launching and scaling businesses online. We work to empower womxn to use their own expertise to make money online, We offer a full range of resources, trainings, and services within the four pillars of business success: Product, Marketing. Operations, & Sales. Our team of experts is here to help you maximize your own potential without all the jargon.

We also believe in elevating the expertise of other women owned and run businesses too - by creating an expansive referral network of experts in all areas of business development and growth. If you would like to be considered one of our recommended providers, simply reach out to us!

SheeWorks founder, Sheena spent most of the last decade in a number of different roles including high ticket sales, marketing strategy, and corporate training. She has helped businesses scale to four million + with her methodology, trainings, and strategies. It is with this, that she strongly believes in making business development tools and resources more widely accessible. She loves teaching simplified sales techniques, creating launch strategies, and overall helping women launch and grow their businesses online.