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Oh you Fancy huh

Hey everyone! I'm Fancy and I am the owner of She Fancy Dii Brand and The Illest Witch Of The East productions. I'm also a freelance film producer and vlogger, podcaster and editor and philanthropist! with a undergraduate degree in media production and anthropology. I love to write and create things with awesome people!

I have experience In using many different editing programs such as Pro Tools, Avid Premier Pro, Davince Resolve and more. and have also hosted my own podcast for a short time on iTunes.

I have many creative hobbies, such as photography of people and events, blogging, event planning, clay sculpting, to resin casting Audio engineering.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for interviews, editing services! Or to collab on any media projects, I am always looking for new people to make magic with๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿฅ€


The T U B E


Here are some of my latest videos available now on YouTube!

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Leave That Chick Be Okuurrrt

My Aunt Fought me!

I Helped My Bestie get The ๐Ÿ†

VLOG POCKET gimbal review

I'm Not Sure What To Call You

Producer, Host, Editor

Soundcloud work showcase

Are you in need of a producer, audto editor/ engineer, host, or talent look over some of my work! I have been involved in many roles when it comes to audio production. All projects below were created by me including research of topics editing and recording of audio.

Produced Edited by me

Some work I have created or been involved in.
I work as an editor, and an interview for content.

Self made podcast

A few episodes of a podcast I created researched and recorded. Editing and server done by BCIBP network . Was on itunes

Voice examples

Here are examples of my voice for voice overs or acting.

External link

Pandemic Americana

A DocuSeries

Pandemic Americana is a short docuseries that highlight Americans working and living in the nation during a pandemic

Pandemic Americana Trailer

Episode 1 Sara

Episode 2 Kaitlyn

Episode 3 Fancy

Writer, Producer, Director


A list of things that I have written, directed, produced or help produce, during my time in college.

My First Producer/ AD credit| Dark Circles

News Package videography example

Written, produced and directed by me

Studio Project : Variety show

ADR example: Suspiria 1977 ( all parts done by me)

DP/audio Example 1 Korey Greene Interview

Fun Girl By E. Mohammed (Prod.Credit)

Editing continuity project