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The Allen Family

Hey, I’m Lorah-Kate and we’re a family of me, my husband (Will), our little 3 year old girl (Amélie), baby (born Nov 21 - Poppy) and our miniature schnauzer (Luna) living in Sheffield.

I’m a specialist primary school teacher of children with vision impairments which means I work with children all across Sheffield in mainstream schools.

My main hobby is interiors...

I was first interested in interiors when I worked at Laura Ashley (when I was 16) but life of uni and moving to London got in the way. It was only in 2018, when we moved into our forever home, that I really started to enjoy designing our house.

I love reviewing products and hope you trust my opinions. I’m always honest and wouldn’t promote brands/products that I wouldn’t buy myself.


I love working with carefully selected brands. I’m very particular about what I share with my followers. It’s taken me a year to build up the audience I have and I genuinely value their trust in my opinion. Any brand partnership I take on has to align with my (and my audience’s) values, taste, lifestyle and calendar!

Lots of the brands I work with are eco friendly - this is really important to me.

I’d like to say to brands - put more value on an influencer’s online integrity than on the number of followers they have. Having 10,000 devoted followers is way better than 60,000 bots that were paid for.

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Fable England

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Magic of I

Whether you are a moon lover, a planning freak, astrology student or professional, interested in the conversations of the planets and the moon, a yogi, witch, herbalist, complete noob or you just want the whole cosmos in your pocket, there is now a full to the brim magical guide that you cannot live without: The Magic of I. Astrological Planner.

Cubo Ai Smart Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus is a customazible monitor created by a pediatrician to ensure the safety of your baby. It provides a 1080p resolution stream and a clear night vision.

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Bulb referral

If you’re feeling the chill, why not try heating only the rooms being worked in? Simply turn the off the valves on all the radiators in unused rooms. That way, you can beat the chill with minimum impact to your bills. I also like to carry a hot water bottle round with me so I’m not too cold and wanting the heating on.

Bulb is the UK's biggest green energy supplier. Choose green energy and you can make your home more eco friendly too. Let’s all do our bit for the planet. They provide 100% renewable electricity. For every unit you use, they make sure a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source including solar, wind and hydro. Plus, their gas is 100% carbon neutral.

Go green!

Naturally Essential

Naturally Essential candles are hand poured using 100% natural soy wax and infused with only the best pure essential oils creating a calm and beautiful scent that fills your home without any of the nasty chemical fragrances.

Hello Fresh

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Magic of I

Our purpose is to share tools of interconnectedness, to live with awareness in alignment with the earth and the cosmos

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