Hello!! Welcome to my Website <3

Here all my accounts! :


That’s it!! Pls don’t pretend to be me 🀍

Turn over to the next slide to see my coloring tut!!

Here’s my coloring tut! <3

Apps Needed: Prequel and Colourtone!

Exposer: +50
Highlights: +50
Shadows: +100

Teal 75%

Diamond filter 100%

Coogee %100

Shadows: +100
Highlights: 60

Tint: +0.28
Vibrance: +0.04

That’s all for my coloring!! Please make sure to
Give Creds to @.charsocial 🀍

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Font time!!

Here you’ll find the fonts I use, how to download them, and the tutorial on how I use the text!!

Hug me tight
Kind heart

How to download them:
First go to safari/google and type in β€œdafont.com” then the website should pop up.
There’s a little search button at the top and search your font. Once you search it press the download button. It will ask you again to download so just download it again. One your done there’s a little blue arrow at the top. Click on that and you’d see the font. Once your done it’ll take you to files, then you find the font and press one it for about a second and it should say share. Then just share it to the text app β€œVont” and install it! That’s it !!

Text Tutorial:
First, get the font hug me tight and type your question. Then press on it and click edit. Click stroke and stroke it to +10. Then click style and put shadow alpha to 100! That’s it for the editing part! Now for the watermark, use the font kind heart then edit and go to style. In style click β€œblend” and use the blend β€œoverlay”. After you put your shadows to 100 and your stroke to 30!
Then for the sizing you put the question size to 55 and the watermark size to 20!!

Creds to @ilysm.meliooo for the text!! 🀍

Turn to the next slide for captions, bios, and symbols!!

Bios, Captions, + Symbols!!

Here is the bios, captions, and symbols I use plus some extra!!

ʚ daily #your stan feed!! ɞ
˗ˏˋ put something here! ΛŽΛŠΛ—
tc: @someone ఌ

- your stan π—…π—Žπ—π–»π—ˆπ—! - ᜊ
⌜ 🌺 ⌟ 𝗍𝖼:: 𝗆𝖾𝖾!
𝗂 π–Ίπ–½π—ˆπ—‹π–Ύ π—’π—ˆπ—Ž! <3

β€’ welcome ఌ bio β€’
π–₯»:: βœΏβ€’Λ–* β„˜
β₯ spam=blocked β™«
- ur gcs / bio -
place bio here

Hello!! { ib: @someone } { put your hashtags here! } { @your stan } 🀍

🌷·˚ ༘ γ€Š caption here! 》— s/o: @______ βš“οΈŽ β€” tΞ±gs: __________ ఌ

☁️·˚ ༘ β€› βŒ— hey! ៸៸ βš“οΈŽ β€› ib: .... β€” s/o: .... ·˚ ༘ gc:

And that’s all for my milkshake website!! Hope it helped all of you!! 🀍


κ’°κ’± γ€° ➳ γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€° ✎ Β» 𖀐 ˚✧ Λ˜Νˆα΅•Λ˜Νˆ
β€” Λ—Λ‹ ΰ­¨ΰ­§ ΛŠΛ— β€” κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’·κ’¦ °࿐ β€’*β€βž· ❏ κ’°κ’± ➷q ↳‒*β€βž· ❏ κ’° κ’± ➷q˚ ΰ³ƒΰΏ”β‚Šβ€’ β˜†γ€‚*γ€‚β˜†
Β» [song name]
0:00 ─〇───── 0:00 ⇄ Β  β—ƒβ—ƒ Β  β… β…  Β  β–Ήβ–Ή
✩ βœΌγ€€ο½‘οΎŸο½₯γ€€β˜†γ€€Β° qㅀ→ ΰΌ„ β€§β‚ŠΛš γ€Œ γ€Λš γ€Œ 」 β‡’ ΰΉ‘ β—žβ™‘Β° βΈ™ΝŽ Λ€Λ€ β™‘βƒ•Μˆ β—‘κ’° ⌦ βœ— ⌜ ⌝ ⌞ ⌟ ↳ ❝ ❞ ➀ ↲ Ϋ«Ϋͺ❁ΫͺΫͺཻུ ⎧ ΰ­§ ೃ β‹…β”Š. β•°β–Ί κ’± βž› ↴ ❱ βœΏβ€’Λ–* β„˜ οΉ‹οΉ‹ ❛ β•― ❲ ❳ ∞ β€Ή βˆ… β”Š ➹ ཹ։❀ ˚✧ γ€Œβ€γ€
γ€Œ 」 β†³οΈŽβ†°οΈŽ ↳ ↲ ↱ β†° κ’°βœ°κ’± ⌜ ⌝ ⌞ ⌟ αŽ’
ʚɞ Λ—ΛΛ‹πŸ¨ΛŽΛŠΛ— Λ—Λ‹ 🍧 ➝ ⚑︎ ☼ ⚯ ✎ β‹’ ʚ :: β—‘Μˆ
π“‚… 𓂃 𓏲 𓍯 𓍲 𓍱 π“Š 𓏋 πŸ€‹ πŸ€™ πŸ‚» πŸ‚½ πŸƒ– πŸƒ„ π“„Ό 𓆇 𓇬 𓍒 π“Ž† 𓂃 ﹏ π“ˆˆ β•± β•²β•² β•± οΉ‹οΉ‹οΉ‹β•­ β•― 𓇸 π“ˆ€π“„²π“Š” π“ˆƒ β˜„οΈŽ βš›οΈŽ 𓆀 𓂃 π“ˆ’ π“ΈβŒ‡ ﹌ οΉ‹ οΈ΄π“Š†π“Š‡π“‰³
π–₯§π–₯£ο½‘π–₯§ 𖧧𖀣π–₯§π–₯£ο½‘π–₯§