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Jaynell Drayton is a life coach, award-winning singer/songwriter and financial executive residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

The married mother of three was born and raised in The Bahamas, the oldest of five children in a family of musicians and ministers. After graduating high school with honors, Jaynell shot to fame as the lead vocalist a gospel-girl singing group, winning several national and international awards.

She later pursued her tertiary education at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and eventually moved to Florida.

Jaynell's career took a shift and she ended up in banking, rising to become a leading regional executive of a Fortune 500 financial institution. This position eventually led her to Atlanta, Georgia.

Among her many accolades, Jaynell is also an author, music producer, minister, and women's empowerment facilitator.

My Coaching Story

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My journey started when I was 9 1/2 years old looking at my image through a small handheld mirror on my parent’s porch. It was the first time I became aware that I had this really big nose. I already knew that I did not like my slanted tiny football shaped eyes. I did not feel very confident about myself. Why am I even here I thought? I felt a sense of displacement, but I was too young to understand that I was looking for purpose. One day my dad picked me up from school like he would normally do, and we would travel home via his small speed boat. He loved using it as a way to commute through the small towns. This day was no different. I got on the boat with my dad and I heard a voice in my mind telling me to sit on the floor of the boat. As my father cranked the engine, the boat jerked back and threw him off and flipped over a few times and started spinning out of control. I do not remember everything about that day, but that was the first time I saw fear in my father’s eye. I really thought my life was over, but I survived. My next question was why? My quest began for me to understand more the reason for my existence. I knew there had to be more to life than what I was seeing. Who knew that this journey would lead me to here!

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