WHO IS she is ROSIE?

Aloha y’all,
My name is Rosie and I am a Queen, an amazing human being who inspires others to see how amazing they are.

I have lots of cool things about me:
I enjoy time with my family and friends, music, photography, dance, mental health awareness, deep conversations, quotes, movies, addicting tv shows, food—eating specifically, laughing my ass off, interviews, dreaming, uplifting others, learning and encouraging financial freedom (and so much more).

I moved out of my house July 1, 2021 (due to financial and mental health issues) and am currently living in my car with my sister. I do not use my situation as an excuse to stay stagnant in my dreams.

By mid-July of this year I joined and invested in an amazing business opportunity and took a chance on myself. By the end of this July I made my investment back and more.

I hustle day and night for myself because I love the process of growth. It is not easy when it comes to challenges but I bet on myself every single fuckin day. I am a creator and I can create a better tomorrow for myself by maximizing the opportunities I have today.

Whether I believe I can or can’t, I am correct. If you’re interested in learning how you can grow mentally or financially don’t be shy. Message me!

You don’t have to sit at my table if you don’t want to, there’s enough resources in this world for you to build your own.

I wish you the best in life.

Love Always,