hello eros, this is only for you, i know you're mentally tired of what's happening in your life but please don't end your life just for that, i'm always here for you, i'm just here. i'm not leaving we can fight at the same time we can suffer at the same time you know how painful it is to see you like that you mean so much to me, can you blame me if i act like this towards you? right? i love you so much eros keep on fighting everything happens for a reason you have a problem for you to solve and for you to show that you are strong, you are strong i am so proud of you as far as the sky or beyond the sky i am proud of you dear, see don't give up as long as i'm here we'll fight and give up together. as long as i'm strong you're strong you're also strong i'm strong, don't you ever think of leaving you because no, i love you so much, more than words eros. you and jhas are my favorite person i don't want you to leave me, even you. please fight for yourself eros do the good way to get rid of that, all that you can also get through with me and with yourself, i hope i will be the reason you want to stay longer, i hope you don't turn your back on me because i won't turn your back on you a promise but yes, even if everyone turns their back on me we won't suffer at the same time and let's fight at the same time i told you that i can show you that you have a bestfriend and sister, you are my everything eros. cheer up, i love you so much.