Your time is now. Chase the dream now. Live now. Follow your heart. If you don’t take that chance, who knows when it will come again.

Hey babe!! I'm so happy you're here.

I'm Shelby 🖤

A little about me: I’m a 20 year old with a beautiful 6 month old, a fur baby & living life with the love of my life. I’m a college student getting my degree to be an ultrasound tech!

Before I started this amazing journey, my boyfriend was supporting our family by himself. I decided I wanted to help bring in some money for our family, so I started looking for jobs. But the thought of going to work & not staying home with our daughter scared me, because I’ve been a stay at home mom since we brought her home. Then, this opportunity got brought to me & I took it! It was perfect, I could stay home with my daughter while helping make money for my family. 🥰

Because I took this leap of faith…
I am SO happy, words can't even describe.
We have gotten rid of financial stress.
I feel excited, motivated, and inspired everyday.
I am surrounded by like minded and ambitious women who lift me up and encourage my success.
And most importantly, I feel FREE.

We don’t have to worry about anything. I control my schedule. I control my income. I control my goals & my success.

Maybe, you don't want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else, clocking into a job that has no flexibility, and has a capped income. Maybe you’re a college student just trying to get by while you figure out your life. Or maybe you like your current job, but you'd like an extra side hustle to increase that monthly cash flow!

Dream big, you can do anything.
You deserve everything you desire.
Your life is yours.

And I'm here to help you reach your dream life. 💗 Swipe to the next page to fill out my influencer application & let’s find out if this is your leap of faith you’ve been praying for! >>>>