Shelby Socials

Welcome! My goal with Shelby Socials is to elevate small brands and help their founders to achieve their goals. The services I offer include Instagram audits and management, social media strategy, content creation, Instagram engagement building and advice.

I’d love to hear from you, what you are struggling with at the moment and how my services can help, drop me a message and let’s see how we can work together!

Need a business boost?

The Social Starter Pack contains everything you’ll need to know to elevate your social media, and essential tips and guidance to boost your business strategy. If you are not sure where you are going wrong with your instagram or how to get started this kit will point you in the right direction and detail exactly what you need to know.

No fancy lingo, no terminology you won’t understand - everything is broken down clearly and I’ll give you practical advice tailored to your business, allowing you to easily implement.

This is a one time payment and service.

- An in depth instagram account audit

- Brand colour palette

- 1 months personalised social media calendar

- A personalised hashtag set relevant to you

- Mood board creation

- SWOT analysis

- Competitor analysis

- Instagram story templates in your branding

- Highlight cover creation

- Your next steps



Social Media Management Packages

I offer two monthly social media management packages, these are ideal for small businesses who don’t currently have the time or the knowledge to build and manage their Instagram page. These packages are designed to help build your content, engagement, community and confidence! I have built into these packages weekly reviews to provide you with the knowledge of what is working and why and how you can implement this moving forward.

I know that at times social media can seem like a minefield, with ever changing rules and recommendations, new features every month and algorithms that you’re sure are personally victimising you! My aim is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to take control of your Instagram account and work WITH it rather than against it to build your business.


This package includes:
* 3 post per week with caption and hashtags
* 30 minutes of engagement 3 times per week 
* Conduct hashtag research - 1 set of 30 personalised niche hashtags 
* 3 story highlight covers 
* Cohesive feed plan and aesthetic 
* Summary of your accounts weekly progress 
* Act as a soundboard for trading and promotional ideas
* General advice and tips for your page
* Support and communication 

£199 per month

The Classic Package is perfect for you if you are just starting out with your business, if you are new to building a social media presence or if you just want a little extra help to boost your online visibility and attract new customers or clients.

I understand that as a business owner you are pulled in many directions and have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. I can act as an extension of your business, help grow your reach and prevent your social media from getting overlooked in your busy life! If you feel as though you are starting to neglect your Instagram page, this package is the perfect place to start.

Drop me a message and let’s see how we can work together!


This package includes:
* Instagram audit
* Creation of social media strategy
* 4 posts per week with caption
* 30 minutes of engagement 4 times per week 
* Conduct hashtag research - 2 sets of 30 personalised niche hashtags 
* 7 story highlight covers 
* Story content creation
* Creation of engaging story templates that can be edited by yourself for future use
* Cohesive feed plan and aesthetic 
* Weekly analytic report of progress
* 45 min monthly strategy call
* Act as a soundboard for trading and promotional ideas
* General advice and tips for your page
* Support and communication

£399 per month

For those ready for that real push, I offer a Premium Package. If you're already a regular Instagram user but want to improve your social media presence, or if you’re a beginner and want that extra assistance when it comes to strategy, the Premium Package is for you.

The Premium Package offers extras such as an Instagram audit to dig into areas of improvement, as well as a social media strategy - a curated presentation just for your business, covering everything you’ll need to kick start your social media. This will include everything from content pillars to competitor analysis, a months content planning (so no more guess work!), influencer outreach strategy and more. This monthly package also includes upgraded versions of the services offered in my Classic Package such as frequency of posts, customisable story creation and further engagement work.
Included in this package is also a check in with me on a monthly basis with a dedicated strategy call.
Drop me a message and let’s see how we can work together!