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My name is Shellbie , I’m 25 I live in Tampa, FL born and raised. I love to dance , drink & enjoy time with friends and family. I am a Senior Specialist at Jp Morgan Chase Bank I work in the collections department. I recently found a new obsession of mine when I launched by beauty business in November 2019. Now I get the pleasure of helping others feel good about themselves and look there best. I also get to mentor other woman & men to help others to do the same.

My Story

Why did I start my Beauty Business?

Why did I start my beauty business you ask?

Let me tell you why!

I first heard about Monat thru a friend of mine who was promoting these all vegan products that were all natural and made peoples hair & skin look amazing. So I reached out to her wanting to try them. I became a VIP Customer in June 2019 and boy was that just the beginning to an amazing journey. I fell INLOVE with the products my first wash. I already knew this was going to be a transformation for me. I have been dying my hair since i was 15 years old. My hair was nice it wasn’t horribly damaged I just wanted a change something different you can say. I then used the products faithfully for 6 months i was obsessed with my progress of my hair journey. I would post constantly about my products when I got amazing deals and thought to myself “shoot Im doing this for free i should get paid to promote these products.” So I spoke to my boyfriend and decided to give it a try. I upgraded my account to Market Partner boy was that a rough beginning for me . I knew nothing about sales , promoting , or being an brand influencer. NOTHING! So I meet my Mentor and she began to train me and show me how to post, how to promote our products, and most importantly how to develop other how she developed me.

This journey has not been the easiest for me and this is just the beginning. I feel more self confidence then I have ever felt. This is a huge life changing opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Just like my mentor trained me to be the mentor I am now is the same way I will train & mentor all my new members on my team.

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