Hey babe!

Thanks for spending a moment with ME! I’m so happy you’re here!!

I LOVE keeping it real and telling funny stories about everyday life. A good laugh can brighten the day and lighten any mood! Go!💥

I’m me, ShellyC! I’m originally from Michigan and I’ve been a Cali girl for 25 years! I’m a mom of 2 teen girls (15 +19) and wife to a true Italian!! We have 2 dogs, Sugar, a Golden/Lab and Bond a relaxed Rhodesian. Charlie, our adopted Cat, also LOVES to be featured in Insta Stories!!💕

My jam is a good laugh with my friends.. the kind that makes you COUGH!!I love to make up words like “beep bop” that can mean anything depending on the context. As in, “ Get your beep bop over here ,woman!” I like Keto and Intermittent fasting, I love my infrared sauna and clean wine!!! Hello, 🍷!! I’m working on loving my Peloton., one ride at a time.

Currently I’m working at an elementary school in 1st and 2nd grades as a teachers aid, hand washer, Covid protocol keeper and all around helper. LOVE ❤️ IT!! The kids have helped me refocus on what’s important!! And they are hilarious!!!!🥰

A few years ago I found Rodan+Fields, as I began to struggle with adult acne (cystic). I saw results with the RF products so quickly that I decided to join this community of women. Fast forward 3 years later... it’s so fun to share the confidence of clear skin!! 💕