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All-Natural, Vegan, No Toxins & Cruelty-free! Only products on the market with PATENTED technology capable of penetrating ALL three layers of the hair cortex. Let me set you up with these life changing products that made me say NO to drug store products.

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All-Natural, Vegan, No Toxins & Cruelty-free! Let me set you up with the best skin care system I have found on the market.

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Hey babygirl, welcome. I'm Shenea! (Sha-nay) A 22 year old entrepreneur, mentor & supply teacher (still in school!) that works doing Instagram management/Administrative work for Lauren Design. I love to adventure (Have never traveled yet!) but I'm also a total homebody. I love my family, dogs & helping others. I would describe myself as creative, big hearted & hard working. My goal is to build a community of empowered women that can help others, spread love & have those hard conversations. I'm working towards chasing my dreams, building a healthier lifestyle & creating a better life for myself each and everyday.

I started my business with the hopes to try a new product and fell inlove with the community, all the opportunities and creating the best life I possibly can. We focus alot on gratitude, self development & helping others build their dream life. I hope to help others in any way I can, bring light to others, help them succeed and build an empire. This opportunity had changed my life and I hope to inspire others to change theirs.

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