Your quantum leap

For the ambitious woman who is done waiting for her dream life to come together. The women who is ready to quantum leap into her dream reality now

Hi my love! My name is Aliya,

I am soul excited that you are here!

I am a subconscious mindset and abundance coach who is fiercely passionate about sharing the recipe to the quantum leap to ambitious women who are ready to up level their life.

I guide women who have had the odds stacked up against them, who have swam in the depths of their darkness, who have fell down 7 times but gotten up 8 on their inner transformative journey so that they can live their soul lead life.

I implement a neuroscience approach of mindset coaching along with spiritual knowledge and practices so that you can gain control of your inner battles and have massive abundance in all aspects of your life.

Internal abundance, financial abundance, happiness, control, calmness, - all of those things are within you babe.

I’m here to help you unlock it and live it.

We are not just taking it slow. We are quantum leaping, timeline jumping, into the reality that is most aligned with you. The reality that your soul is craving.