‘Believe in yourself and all that you are know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.’

As a first time mom after giving birth to my daughter .. my body changed and I was not happy in my own skin I was so ashamed and insecure about my body and my warrior stripes (stretch marks) also acne break out for the past 5 years I had lost my self esteem and confidence in myself ... for those who knew me personally knew I was always a positive ,confident and bold person but I made a change..... recently I was introduced to this wonderful be gentle line of skin products by Monat and it by far one of the best line of skin care I ever use I never used to invest in my skin but now that I did it makes me so much more happy now I do not have to worried about my warrior stripes because I found a miracle oil (Rejuvenique oil) it help me so much it my number one oil I use it for my hair ,skin ,face as well for my daughter eczema ... and now that I fell in love with these products I decided to take a next step to help others who have the same issues like me you are not alone I am here to help because I can proudly say I am apart of market partner team for MONAT !!!!!!! Let get this 🙌 it all about you let start our journey together 🙏 take the quiz and let start your process.....

Skin care

Are you tired of spending money on skin care products that does not work for you .... worry no more monat is here for you .... so go ahead and take the quiz and let get started with products that actually works for your skin

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