How I’m creating a legacy of wealth for my family

with automated income via crypto

Let’s be honest, we’re in a new world of technology now that is continuously changing and evolving. The days of having to work 40+ hours just to make it by week after week is about to be a thing of the past, and personally, I don’t believe that’s my souls purpose of being here either.

Everybody has a different why, everyone has their own personal legend, their trials that they’ve gone through to get to a point where they allow themselves to dream bigger.
As a māmā, my why is always my children. As a solo income household, as a Māmā raising 3 children in this forever changing world, I wanted to be both wealthy financially and in time so that I could make the absolute most out of all the time I have while they’re growing up, and hopefully will grow up with them along the way.
Stumbling across CFX was not by chance, I believe it came into my path exactly when I needed it. After researching and listening to people who had the same vision as me, the same why as me & even more drive than me, this was a no brainer.

From having over 30K NZD saved in the bank, I made less than $5 in over 3 months in interest. The banks are trading our money & making millions of dollars and we are seeing less than 1% in interest each year.
My first investment of $500 USD saw my first return of over 3 times what I made from my bank in interest, in less than a week.

I knew that this investment was one where I’d regret not starting sooner. So I jumped in as soon as I could and I’ve never taken a loss, have been paid out every Sunday & my account balance continuously grows.

This is not a get rich quick scheme - I wanted a life long investment that my family and I could live off of comfortably. The best part about it is there’s room for everybody at the top. There isn’t any limited spaces, we can all achieve a wealthy lifestyle in abundance - all you have to do is choose.

Disclaimer - CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service. All precious returns do not guarantee future results.

If you are getting multiple packs, refer the the other packs underneath your own referral link to take advantage of the added referral benefits.

**DO NOT USE THE CFX APP, there is no cfx app. It is not legitimate and you may lose your investments so please stick to the links below.

8 minute video explaining CFX

A short video explaining how your investments are traded and making money for you on autopilot.
Your money can’t be lost & your investments never go down! Enjoy pay day every week

How to sign up WORLDWIDE

This video explains how to get started.
You will need to register or create your account through the link below under PICK YOUR PACK.

Please ensure you have a Binance wallet. You can also use any other wallet like Exodus or crypto,com etc
You will need to buy your packs worth in BTC (Bitcoin) through your Binance Wallet. For example a $300USD pack would be around $450NZD.

Then send your BTC to CFX through the link below when you’ve selected your package and your account will begin to be traded within 72 hours! How easy 🎉

** please do not close the window once you’ve gotten the green tick, wait for your confirmation email. It’s okay to go into the apps or tabs though, just keep this window open in the background **


Last but not least, select your pack and start earning an automated income here.
Please make sure you’ve completed the tasks above. Welcome to CFX - let’s build our legacies together


When I was researching into investing, I saw a lot of mixed reviews. We’re all on Rihanna’s internet & anyone can say anything.
Whatever feels right for you, trust your instinct and let me know if you have any questions at all.
This video goes into more depth about the legal side of things and the company itself.
Oldies but goodies 😂