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Transformation By The Renewing Of Your Mind

You owe it to yourself to be authentically you. I help women like you break through barriers of limitation so that you can achieve your biggest goals and dreams in business & life.

This space was created for you if:

You struggle with making your needs a priority due to self sabotage and self comparison

You feel a sense of guilt for taking action towards improving your life

You want to start an online business and need the mindset tools and support in order to feel worthy of doing this

You want a coach that will give you practical intuitive guidance through the process of becoming the best you can be
In business and life

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Begin To Feel Worthy & Start On Making Your Dreams A Reality

At She She London Mindset Coaching our main goal is to encourage and support you in making your mindset transformation a part of your daily self-care routine and not a chore.


Due To The Pandemic All Services Are Currently Online.

•Work With Me By Booking Your First Free Discovery Call

• Zoom Mindset Coaching Calls

•Online Courses And Workshops

•Email & Voice Message Support Services

•Other Customised Services To Suit Your Specific Needs

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Start Your Transformation Journey

Mindset Transformation Resources

Take your first steps towards transformation with mindset transformation resources and tools.

As your coach, I want you to be able to have the practical things you need to assist you with your daily mindset renewal routine

My resources are centered on:

• Helping women understand their subconscious thoughts through journaling and bespoke mindset workbooks

• incorporating positive psychology, NLP, EFT and other highly effective strategies to assist you in getting results fast

• Addressing the burn out, limiting beliefs and overwhelm you feel through mediations and positive affirmations

• Goal setting and non intimidating business plans

• Other tools that I’ve used in my personal life to overcome, anxiety, self sabotage and imposter syndrome

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Your success is an inside job and based on the inner work that you do.

> Unsure of how to achieve goals that you keep attempting to achieve?

> Seeking clarity for purpose and direction in business and life?

> Fed up of seeing life as a pessimist and ready to work on a positive mindset for abundance and success?

> Need to up level your confidence so that you can start acting like the successful woman you deserve to be?



-Grow your confidence by gaining clarity in creating your dream life ✔️

-Get tailored support from a qualified positive psychology expert (MSc) ✔️

-Learn to identify and know your worth and the value you bring ✔️

-Become empowered by releasing blocks and limiting beliefs to consciously create a life that you desire & love ✔️

This Zoom Coaching is life coaching offered online. Sessions consist of 1 hour and are convenient, and private.

It allows you to choose the environment that is conducive to your comfort.

During your zoom session, Coach Shereen will provide tools that will assist you with your mindset upgrade process, personal and professional transformations, life impairments, and challenges.

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