A woman who knows what she brings to the table, is never afraid to eat alone.

On a journey to mental, spiritual, emotional and physical fitness.

I was introduced to a business opportunity by a really good friend of mine in December 2019. I purchased the business start up pack, got excited, watched the videos and didn’t do a damn thing with it. As much as I wanted to get started, I made so many excuses for why I could not. I had been watching my friend thrive in this business for about a year. I literally had all the tools I needed to succeed right in front of me. Literally. No excuses, right?

Right! But fear was something that I made a choice to let get in my way. I thought it was going to be extremely uncomfortable for me. I thought I was going to fail, but at the same time, I was very intimidated by the possibility of it being one of the best opportunities I would ever experience.

I hit my friend up several months later and told her I wanted to really do this shit. Put me back in the mf game coach, I’m ready!

My journey to a fit mind, body and spirit requires a lot of change. But change requires awareness, desire, knowledge, action and perseverance. When you got all of that with a sprinkle of commitment and consistency, your return on investment is the results! Fuck fear, lets get it!

So What Do I Do?

I promote vegan, anti aging, and toxic free hair and skin products that are customized to YOUR hair and skin type. I change lives.

Ask Siri right now, “ what’s the fastest growing hair and skin care company in the world?”

It’s Monat. Period.

I joined a community of amazing people that work hard to make sure you know, understand and experience how incredibly AMAZING these products are, and here’s why they are:

✔️NO sulfates
✔️NO parabens
✔️NO silicones
✔️NO waxes
✔️NO harsh chemicals or fragrances
✔️100% Vegan
✔️Gluten Free
✔️Clinically Tested
✔️Leaping Bunny Certified

Now, grab the bottle of shampoo you currently use, and ask yourself, “Why?!”

Do you have hair/skin goals that you want to reach? Scroll over to complete the hair or skin quiz (or both) on the last page for a consultation, and let’s get you started!

Why Do I Do it?

“If You Can’t Make Money While You Sleep, Then You Will Work Until You Die.” -Warren Buffet

I don’t know what human in their right mind does not like money and sleep! Could you imagine making coin WHILE you sleep, instead of just dreaming about it? Im here to tell you, that you can!

I have been working robotically non stop since the age of 18. 👏🏽NON 👏🏽STOP! I was never without a job. I couldn’t even imagine myself not working, the idea was foreign to me. I’ve worked in fast food, I bartended, I’ve waited tables, and I worked and still work in retail. 15 years later, I’m exhausted and sometimes I feel like I have nothing to show for it. Don’t confuse that statement; I’m extremely grateful for what I have and what I’ve accomplished in my life, and I understand wholeheartedly, that success does not happen overnight....you have to put in work!

However, its a different story when the demands and the needs from my job begin to take up way too much of my time and mental capacity whereas I can’t meet the demands and needs required to take care of myself! Whew! I felt that.

So here’s why I said YES to Monat:

🔑I’m furloughed from work until further notice. So there’s that! ⁣⁣

🔑No job is ever guaranteed- multiple streams of income is a must!
⁣⁣ ⁣
🔑A friend of mine just started her business, and she unknowingly has inspired me to go after it again after I pretty much did nothing after I joined December 2019.
🔑I want to dive into extremely unfamiliar territory,and get comfortable being uncomfortable! ⁣⁣
🔑I love the products and what the business stands for and has to offer! ⁣⁣
🔑I have goals! I want to be debt free , buy a home, supplement my income from my full time job (triple it and quit!), travel, live financially free, smart and stable and work for myself!
🔑I want to be apart of a business and a community of women who support and lift each other up and work hard af! ⁣⁣
🔑My comfort zone is waaayy too damn small!

If you can relate to any of these things or have your own story that compels you to take a leap of faith and do something different with your life, scroll to the next page and let’s chat!