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The Next Chapter —

Good Friday 2021

a.k.a The Cringe -y One

This post appeared on my IG feed a few days ago - April 1st actually - at what seems an opportune moment in time. The poster is Miguel, founder and creator or Project Cosmos (@project.cosmos). I follow him and look for his posts daily. He is someone who is truly attuned with the Universe. I find his gifts, insights and comments grounding. This post felt like it was just for me. One of those kick in the pants messages that we all get at least once in our lifetime. This message rang true to me as I finally accepted the call and have decided to write. I have always wanted to be a writer since I was a kid but let it fall to the wayside because, well, life.

And while I didn't spend my life committed to creating with words, I was still writing. I kept a journal since my teens (there were early abandoned iterations when I was younger). I wrote letters to friends. I proofread and edited school papers. In this new age, I compose e - mails and comment on all sorts of social media. Words are my companions. They always have been.

So when this post appeared talking about trusting the next chapter because I knew the author, I had to accept this message from the universe. I do know the author. She claims she can write and she believes sye can write well. She has doesn't done a too bad a job with the chapters thus far. I can't run from it any longer. Running would hurt my heart and my soul somehow. I am embarking on the next chapter, hopefully many chapters. I have to trust and believe in myself and my write some really good chapters both figuratively and literally.

Since this is the first post and we have to start somewhere, I realise this is probably a boring start. I know when I deign to look back on it, I will most likely find it hokey and cringe - y. I figure it's the job of the first post to get all the awkwardness out of the way. I am really hoping it only gets better.

*see below for the link to the actual post:

Dear TikTok, Why You Do Me Dirty Like That?

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