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If you're a female founder or woman running your own business. You're in the right place!

She's The Boss is all about helping you, and encouraging you to empower the women around you.

As Madeleine Albright once said, "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

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She’s The Boss Chats on YouTube

When your son says “Mum, your podcasts should be up on YouTube and I can do it for you”, you say yes!!

Our She’s The Boss Chats, She’s The Boss Lockdown and She’s The Boss Show (Ticker TV) are now on our YouTube channel.

Anne Miles - Suits & Sneakers

Laura Piccardi - Uppy

Jo Munro - The Savvy Shopaholic

Lora Starling - The Starling Foundation

Lockdown Ep 1 - Louise Mahler

Lockdown Ep 2 - Sam White

Lockdown Ep 3 - Zoe Coyle

Ticker TV - Helen Woods & Summer Gwynne

Ticker TV - Bev Killick & Joanne Brookfield

Ticker TV - Bev Ryan & Stephanie Thompson

She’s The Boss Membership —

I am creating more and more media around She's The Boss, so the Members will be the ones who are coming on the 'journey' with me and will be the first ones I go to with new products, discounts and exposure opportunities. My intention is to launch a TV channel, a magazine and a book, plus run conferences and social retreats under the She's The Boss Group brand.

I welcome everyone who can come to the lunch, whether it's on an ad hoc basis, or regularly, but the membership subscription will mean you're on the 'Boss Team', so, let me outline the levels and how you can pay to get on board!


💕 Online zoom lunch every Friday 12.30pm AEST

💕 Membership listing - list your business and get the details of other members

💕 Post about your business and offers in the She's The Boss Facebook group

💕 15% discount on FIGJAM and HYOPR Products (not sale items)

💕 You will be in the 'inner circle' and get access to the new initiatives first

$20 + GST

💕 Join us for our online weekly lunch any Friday you like and talk about your business and what you do, hear other female founders talk about what they are up to, and connect with the ones that grab your fancy, or who you think you could collaborate with...oh and have a wee glass of your fave tipple at the end of the week too if you like!


💕 She's The Boss Facebook Group

💕 She's The Boss Chats podcast

💕 She's The Boss TV/YouTube channel

💕 First time lunch attendance (so you know you can invite your friends or colleagues to see if they like it)

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She’s The Boss Christmas Gift Guide

For Female Founders, From Female Founders

Podcast —

She’s The Boss chats is a series of in depth interviews with amazing, inspiring women who run their own businesses.

In the interviews Jules talks to them about their entrepreneurial journey from when they left school to where they are now (often a very wiggly path!), what their ‘lightbulb’ moment was, the women that have inspired them along the way and what they have learned from their experiences.

Get Inspired


Get a journalist to help you write an article about your life story.

Use it for your bio, your 'About Us' page, as a media release or just for the hell of it!

When you see your story in writing you’ll be saying FIGJAM* to yourself!

Journalists are trained at getting the best story out of everyone they write about. They know how to include the good bits, and they can tell you which aspects of your life are irrelevant when it comes to painting the picture that you want.

So why not spend time on the phone with a female journalist? Tell them your story and why you want it written down, and they will tell you the bits that you should/could include and which bits to leave out.

Then it’s your turn to write it down. You don’t have to spell well, you don’t have to be great at describing things, you don’t even have to write it very well at all, but when you email it back to the journalist, they will polish it so it shines!!

You will have a useful document that details your journey, and struggles to success.

*Fuck I’m Great, Just Ask Me!

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She’s The Boss Lunches —

As women who work for ourselves, it’s often hard to find someone to go and have a boozy lunch once a month with.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be boozy, but it’s still nice to go out for lunch with other people in the same boat as you!

During the pandemic isolation period we turned the monthly lunches into weekly online lunches.

It's great seeing people every week and connecting for fun, advice and friendship. And business collabs and deals do get done, it's just not forced or prescribed!

Become a member for $49 per month or pay $20 per lunch. If it’s your first time, come along for free and bring a friend to see what all the fun is about!

See you on Friday!

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Straight From Our Female Founders  —

“Jules Brooke’s online lunches with woman entrepreneurs are not only a blast - they are a place of generosity, support and sisterhood. I have personally experienced feeling more confident, optimistic and connected through lunching with this colourful, energetic and bloody brilliant bunch of awe-inspiring women. Thank you Jules and all the She-Bosses.”

💕 Dr Carla van Laar. MCAT, DTAP, AThR

“Jules is a great advocate, champion and connector of women in business. I have been a guest on her show ‘She’s the Boss’ on Ticker TV, what a fun interview! Not only does she get to the juicy details - the highs and the lows of women in business- but she is so relaxed that you naturally want to share your journey. This makes for great viewing as Jules interviews a range of women business women and gets them to share some really useful takeaway messages and strategies. Her Friday lunches are a great way to meet inspiring, quality business women too”

💕 Pinky McKay, Founder of Boobie Biccies

“The She’s the Boss lunches are the place to be on a Friday! Before I was attending them, I was actually involved in around 7 different business groups online, trying to get to know people, build my profile and connect with people.

After learning about these lunches, (which I attend either every week or every other week), I have now exited out of every other group (bar 1 other) as I have found the quality of people in She’s The Boss to be matched with exactly where I’m at in business. Most other groups I found were for start-ups, or those thinking about going into business.

This group is the place to be, to connect with decent humans that you can add to your network to help you scale and grow.

Through my short time in this group, I am already involved in strategic discussions with 3 other businesses which will result in opportunities for both for my business and theirs.”

💕 Julia Ewert, Sales expert and The Negotiator

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