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Renée MiChelle Kent

I am a 41 year old Black Female creative, born in America to 2 very hard working Caribbean parents that hailed from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

My artistry was discovered by my mother at the tender age of 5 years old, where I proved to her early on I could draw any and everything. From there I begged to leave Catholic school so I could attend an elementary school to do art. Jackie Robinson Elementary School had an art program that geared you to develop your skills straight into junior high school and then be able to be considered for any fine arts high school. The High School of Fashion Industries developed us for various creative trade careers after high school. I attended this amazing art high school, and from there I went straight on to a conservatory for the Arts for college. I attended the prestigious School of Art & Design at Purchase College for my undergraduate studies. There is where I received my undergraduate BFA degree in 2000, in Graphic Design & Visual Communications. Purchase College keeps me tied to my love for fine arts, & visual arts, but Brooklyn, Crown Heights specifically is where I started my artistic education & colorful career as a creative.

I now live as a Senior Project Manager, Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer of Graphics & Architectural Interiors with my proud beginnings and deep roots in Brooklyn, NY. I now live in the DMV and I moved abroad to continue to make the world my creative canvas.

11 years after working in the Graphics & Fashion industry as an illustrator & designer in New York, I moved from New York to Richmond, VA and then from VA to Maryland. I am a proud graduate of George Washington University in the winter of 2011 with my Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design. I got to revisit my love for Architecture & Design that was dashed as a little black girl that thought she couldn’t “do math” to be in the Architecture & Design world. However, I graduated with honors and was the proud recipient of the GWU 2011 Juror Choice Best Interior Architecture Grad Project "Ideal" Learning Environment Graduate Project. I now have over 20 years of Design, Architecture & Project Management Experience with a primary focus in Space Planning, Project Management in Commercial, Residential & Retail Design industry.

I was NEWH - Fall 2011 National Scholarship recipient for outstanding Academic Studies in Interior Design & Architecture. So now you know with all the awards and acknowledgements this “black girl / black woman can “ do math”huh!!! However, I am humbled by what I have accomplished through the years in a very male dominant field. Being one of the only Black women on a daily basis leading enormous architectural projects and or managing large male dominant construction crews has built my confidence in my abilities to do what I was born to do. However, this was definitely developed earlier on in my career.

I've had the pleasure of having my work published in H.News | 20 Years in the Making: "February Cover of H.News" magazine. This is the NEWH chapter Publication. I received the honor to have had my work graced the front cover with a feature story on my Health Spa Design - "Re" Spa & Wellness Design. The full project focuses on a couples counseling rehab spa in an eco-friendly, fully sustainable environment. This work is displayed in my portfolio's body of work.

Currently, I am a proud Design Studio Owner of R4DBYD - Ravenous 4 Design by Design ®™. I have worked previously with great design/architecture firms while continuing to develop my design studio. I have had the pleasure of designing & managing incredible architectural projects throughout my 20 years in the Design industry. However, my company was created to bridge the gap between Art and Design and everything in between.

My manifesto is about having my public understand that our human lifestyles should be designed for greatness because Art is in our DNA and my Purpose is to Manage these lifestyles with all forms of art, design & creativity. I believe “Life” is the ultimate “Project” so why not have it be one that’s creatively managed by yours truly. I say, I am Ravenous for Design By Design ®™ and that is my truth, and that is my company’s namesake for that specific reason. I would love to show you how I can design, redesign or manage your lifestyle.

However, but for now
She Thee Creatively Me, is a virtual space I would love for you to explore as an ongoing exhibition of my work. See you inside.

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