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If you are looking for a good laugh, Godly truth, and insight on issues that we as women face everyday... I invite you to come hang out with the ladies of the The Flourish Women Podcast! This is a judgement free zone where we share our experiences with transparency, with the hopes it will help you grow!

✨ Ep. 17: Year End Finale

✨Ep. 16: Growth All Around

✨ Ep. 14: Flourishing in Health

✨ Ep. 13: Hard Conversations

✨ Ep. 12: Let’s get Personal- Mental Health Awareness

✨ Ep. 15: Fathers and Daughters

✨ Ep. 11 : God + Therapy

✨Ep. 10: Flourish Freestyle Friday

✨ Ep. 9: Let’s Be Friends

✨ Ep. 8: The Truth About #WifeLife

✨ Ep. 7: Living Single

✨ Ep. 6: Soul Glow

✨ Ep. 5: Real Love

✨ Ep. 4: Money Lessons

✨ Ep. 3: Is Balance Really A Thing?

✨ Ep. 2: Write the Vision Sis!

✨ Ep. 1: Welcome To The Flourish Women Podcast

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About Lacear

The She Behind She Will Not Fail

Lacear was born and raised in Madison Heights, Virginia, and grew up in a close-knit family with her parents and three sisters. She discovered her passion for public speaking during her time at Lynchburg College, where she earned a bachelor's degree in communication studies.

Currently employed as a financial professional at Wells Fargo, Lacear plays a pivotal role in assisting small businesses in their growth journey through SBA financing options. In 2015 she gave her life to Christ and began serving in her local church. There she found her love for helping women and became the Director of the women's ministry.

Now a resident of Charlotte, Lacear shares her life with her husband, Dr. Tashan Duff, and their one-year-old daughter, McKinley. Beyond her demanding career, she actively serves as the outreach director at Flowing Life and is a member of the Flourish Women's ministry.

Lacear understands she was "born to communicate". Lacear is purposeful in using her voice to transform women's lives. Through her podcast and relationship coaching program, "Love Without Limits," she empower women to not settle but be set free so that they can ATTRACT a man that matches their mission and mentality for life.