How I’ve made a fully automated income with cryptø

Yes my money is working for me !!

Do you know much about Crypto or have you ever tried Crypto? Have you ever wanted to get into but never knew where to start or what it was about?

Well I’ve been fortunate enough to come across this amazing opportunity where I receive on average 6% weekly returns on investment with automated forex without having to do any trading myself this is better than what your bank will pay you for having thousands in your account for the year. Mind blowing right 🤯

Do you know how banks make money? And what they are doing with our money? Well we are able to do that exact same thing NOW!! Banks will pay us $2 a month for having over 20k in our savings and trade with our money everyday for millions. Imagine having less than 20k in your savings account, the interest you will be gaining will be less than 1% monthly. I was blown away within 72 hours I saw a return from a $300 USD investment which is more then we would earn from our savings in a month. Every week you are paid regardless of what you do whether you choose to actively build or do nothing.

Never have I been able to offer something to every single person that starts to have a real and much more stable opportunity to create financial independence for themselves. I stared CFX this year April 2021 and had no idea about crypto or how it works, what I did know is that I wanted my money to work harder for me. I invested as low as $300USD and have already doubled my $$$. Every week you are paid on Sunday and it is money you don’t even need to do anything for…. Pro traders do it all for YOU. Basically you are investing your money and turning it into Bitcoin and building. I use Binance as my wallet to buy Bitcoin and withdraw my money from CashFX. I also use WIREX debit card that allows me to spend Bitcoin like normal anywhere any store. I wish I knew about this earlier and started earning earlier!!

CashFX has packs you can choose from to get started, lowest pack available is $300USD which gets traded for you within 72 hours after you purchase. You will start to see your earnings daily and will get paid EVERY Sunday🤑

Please note this is something that takes time to build, think of long term investing. Your return will start small depending on the pack you choose to purchase and start off with. Having said that this is money you will be making weekly for doing absolutely nothing and still get paid more than your bank will ever pay you.

CFX trades your pack during business hours US times, please keep that in mind.

Wanting to actively build and grow your platform and earn more to get to that 100k pack faster; well there is definitely ways you can do this.

- You can choose a family pack strategy, have more than 1 pack trading for you at the same time, this is what I’m currently doing. Once I have reached the 100k pack I will have not one but 3 packs trading at a 100k, you do the maths 🤑

- once you have reached your 100k pack it’s doesn’t stop there once, you have doubled your investment you can re invest and buy more packs so that your are always earning.

- There are multiple ways of building your money and earning more faster. Referrals is a great way however, you don’t need to/have to you will still get paid weekly regardless.

- You will not loose money and your money will not get stolen. There is no huge risks all you are actively doing is upgrading your packs when needed.
Once you have got started and set yourself up and interested in actively growing your 💰 please get in touch so I can send you guides on how to do so.

So what are you waiting for, I have a full breakdown explaining what CashFX is about and how to get started. Please follow the step by step guides that will help you understand this platform and give you a better insight.

DISCLAIMER- CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service.
All previous returns do not guarantee future results.
I do not know of one single person who has missed a weeks pay.
This isn’t a get rich fast scheme, this is about growing over time and long term investing.

For tax please speak to your accountant.


DO NOT USE ANY CFX APP THERE IS NO CFX APP. It is not legitimate and you will lose your investment so please stick to the links below.

8 minute video explaining CashFx

Here is a short video explaining how this money is made on complete autopilot for you. And no your money can not be lost/stolen or anything. You are literally paid each Sunday every WEEK regardless if you do anything or not. Leeeshgooo 😊

How to start ALL COUNTRIES NZ/AUS etc

Step by step worldwide guide, please ensure you have set up a binance wallet (it’s super simple) and registered/created your CFX account under PICK YOUR PACK in this link.
In this video you will be taken step by step on how to get started and how to buy BTC to purchase your CFX pack. For example you will need to buy around $450NZD of BTC if you want to start on the lowest pack which is 300USD. Keep in mind all packs are in USD!! Once you have brought your BTC you will need to send that Bitcoin to CFX to pay for your pack. (Please note when using binance you will need to manually add the fee which is shown in the video). Once completed, your pack will start trading for you within 72 business hours. There are other wallets you can use to buy BTC however I personally have chosen binance as it is reliable and I have never had problems with it.


Finally time to pick your pack and begin earning money on autopilot. Let the pros trade for us and make our money work hard!! Please ensure the above steps are completed before you choose your pack. You must watch and complete the “how to get started world wide guide first”.


You can get your WIREX card here. A WIREX card equals all currencies and allows you to spend your Bitcoin anywhere just like a regular eftpos card. Open to all stores regardless of what you are purchasing. How epic 🤑


Here is a step by step video on how to use your WIREX card. Try and be smart when it comes to withdrawing your money you make off CashFX and how much you are spending as the goal is to get to the highest pack 100k so you are making 4-5k weekly. Ensure you are working out how much you need to leave in your CashFX account to upgrade to the next pack faster. I know for sure what I would rather be doing.


Here is a more in depth explanation regarding CFX, this due diligence video goes into more detail and can be really helpful for anyone sitting on the fence. This will give you a better insight about the company and it being legal. I know everyone sees a lot of ways of making money online and there always a lot of different opinions however, as mentioned watch the video below to give you a better understanding.