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How To : Sanggul Style!

A bit of a tutorial on how to achieve my bun hairstyle! Follow my steps below!

Step 1 : bring all your hair back.

Step 2 : twist your hair , twirl it!

Step 3 : after you twirl, make it round. Like a donut!

Step 4 : secure it with hairbands, while keeping the hair in its shape (the donut 🍩 shape!)

Step 5 : put accessories! *I put a scrunchie*

Step 6 : Strut your style! 😎

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Lifestyle Talks

How To : Self-Portrait

Everybody loves self-portrait themselves these days, or should we call them ‘selfies’. But to take a very good ‘self’ portrait took a decent amount of time, and a lot more time to pick out the best among all.

Here are my thoughts and opinions on how to get a perfect self-portrait.

1. Take the scenery with you

When taking a picture of yourself, ask someone else to take it for you. Ask them to include the scenery behind and the result is what you see in the picture above.

2. Use ‘portrait mode’

Nowadays mobile phone cameras has this feature called ‘portrait mode’. This feature allow us to focus on our face and blurs the background. Most people tend to use portrait mode just to have a blurry background without knowing what exactly the feature is about.

3. Look away from the camera

Self-portrait doesn’t mean we have to look into the camera. You do you. Look away, laugh, smile. Looking away not only makes your self-portrait looks more candid, but it makes the picture more natural instead of a fake wannabe selfie.

4. The ‘no smile’ selfie

Sometimes when I want to take selfies with my makeup on, I used the ‘no smile’ selfie mode to look more like a face model. When you smile, the look of the makeup that you try to show tends to crease away, unless its a summer look makeup, or bright and happy looks.

There it is, I hope you guys enjoy reading!

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