I am Shianna Geraldine A. Manuel, 20. I live in Malabon. Taking up Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at City of Malabon University. I am a hardworking student and I always put my heart in everything I do.

I am an independent woman who doesn't want to be a burden to other people.

Most of the time, I talk a lot but sometimes I am quiet so I consider myself an Ambivert.

If there's a goal I want to achieve, I put a lot of effort to achieve the success.

When the Covid-19 affects the world, I starting to have new hobbies such as playing badminton in our open space, reading journalism books, and having a small online business.

Use your racket to rise up but don't forget to kneel when the shuttle falls down. Downfall is a challenge to your success. Cheer up!

If you want to achieve your dream, work hard for it!

As an aspiring journalist, I bought journalism books to familiarize myself with the field. I enjoy reading stories, articles, and other insights about Women's rights and empowerment.

During the quarantine period, my family was financially unstable. My mom worked for only three times a week in a restaurant, while my dad was rushed to a private hospital due to diabetes complications. These circumstances placed a huge financial burden on my family. But I didn't despaired, instead I found ways to help my family. I opened a small online business to help my parents and so that I wouldn't burdem them for my nds as a student.

I sold 400+ products and still counting!

I sell pajamas, bags, sandals, slippers even frozen food! Some people in my age think that online selling is embarrassing thing to. Regardless of that, I am proud to my self that I am independent and financially stable to support myself and my siblings for their online classes.

When I was seven years old my dream was to be a chef, but when I already learned to cook at the age of 10 I don't want to be a chef anymore. When I was in grade 6, my teacher asked me if I want to try to join an editorial cartoon contest. I won the 3rd place in our district. At that time, I started to have interest in journalism.

I see myself as a journalist !🖤

When I was in grade 10, my classmate who was supposed to join contest the photojournalism contest suddenly had an allergy. My english teacher told me if I can replace her even if I don't have practice to it. Guess what? I won the second place and I am very proud of it!

During my senior highschool days, It was a challenging yet fun experience. my friends and I enjoyed our lives but we never neglected our studies. My friends are studious so we help each other get good grades.


As of this writing, I really miss face-to-face classes. We have a lot of extracurricular activities in school that I miss such as dancing. I also love doing performances like theater acting. This is my way to boost my confidence in showcasing my talent and to be confident in front of the public.

Online classes are really exhausting but I still managed to study and be a business woman at the same time. I love everything that I do today that will soon pay for my needs. We can overcome the pandemic and get back to our normal lives