intro to @shihobujoo

heya im shiho !

age : 14
pronouns : she/her
personality type : istpt
favourite foods : chocolate and strawberry cheesecake
hobbies : acting/voice acting , bullet journaling , watching anime , listening to music
likes : neat and pretty things , my grandma’s cooking , staying up late
dislikes : vegetables , leaving the house , waking up early

my favourite / top animes + bonus !


id7 is my top anime/game ever , it’s literally so obvious that im in absolute love with id7 just from my feed , i fell in love with them when i just happened to hear memories melodies on my laptop when my youtube was on auto-play while doing work 2 years ago (wow that was a mouthful). and i was like “eH what song is this it sounds so good”. and here i am 2 years later still absorbed into the show and game :D the storyline is so sad yet nice i cry all the time-

ansatsu kyoushitsu

i dont think its very obv but i actually really REALLY like assassination classroom , like im so in love with the whole storyline and concept , by the end of the whole anime i felt as if i was part of class 3E , and i really wish i had a teacher like koro sensei😭 and believe me when i say i was BAWLING over this show-

haikyuu !!

i dont even know how to express my love for haikyuu in words AHHHH- okay but i started watching haikyuu during my exam period , i know , its a bad choice , but somehow watching it made me more motivated to study ? watching them work hard just made me want to work hard too. and i ended up passing all my exams and scoring well for math (yes im so surprised i did well in math-). haikyuu then became a comfort anime as well and it just escalated till its on my top tier list :D

meitantei conan

conan was my first anime (if you dont count pokémon as one). ive been watching this for close to 3 years already , but its so long ideh time to catch up due to school :(( but i try my best to watch it when i can or im free because conan holds a really special place in my heart. i always end up trying to guess the killer (i cant solve mysteries for shit) and when i get it correct ill be damn happy HAHAHAH shinran best ship btw😌

saiki no sai-nan

ohoho i remember when my brother sat me down infront of the television and just said “watch , this anime is nice” and he turned saiki on and now here i am , completely in love. ive already finished saiki multiple times yet im not tired of it and i watch it when im sad because it always brings my mood up. nendos just hilarious and everyone just manages to make me smile too. saiki = done with everyones shit including mine😗😗

jibaku shounen hanako kun

frankly i only watched this anime because the name sounded interesting but i never expected myself to like it this much ?? i remember falling in love with the art style and finding the storyline interesting (i finished it in 1 day by staying up the whole night). the charas are super cute and im always rewatch — or rather , re-listening to it when im journaling.

bonus : stray kids

frankly , i wouldnt say im a kpop stan because i dont really stan any other groups apart from stray kids... but skz has been through alot w me and idk it kinda feels like we’re there for each other ? listening to their songs makes me feel like i have someone who understands me HAHAH- also theyre so talented !! stan skz :D and uhm my bias is felix soo😗👉🏻👈🏻

kin list + comfort charas

high kins :
izumi mitsuki
natsume minami
kayano kaede
kaido shun
bokuto kōtarō (outside)
kozume kenma (inside)
yugi amane

comfort charas :
nanase riku
(tbh every id7 chara oops)
sugawara kōshi
oikawa tōru
koro sensei
yugi amane

thankiu for reading bbs !!