Hi friends! I’m Shilo!

Retired from the 9-5 so I could start participating in my life again

I joined Monat almost 5 years ago, I had no idea who they were. At the time I was working 50+ hours a week, always saying, “ I’m sorry, I can’t, I have to work!”

I attended a cocktail hour to learn more about the company and meet some of the girls. Sitting there, I had this voice in my head, “you need to do this, this is where you belong.”

The next morning I joined as a Market Partner with out hesitation. I knew I needed something different, I needed a change. I deeply craved a workplace that mirrored me, a place where I would be heard, be appreciated and be inspired! I wanted more time for my family, my friends, let’s be real ... my dog! I had zero network marketing experience but had stubborn expectations to make it work.

I am so glad I trusted that voice.

One year into working with Monat I quit my full time job and that was 4 years ago! I have fully replaced my income, purchased a new car, moved out of state for fun, earned 5 paid for vacations and gained soul matching friends.

My mission is to help others do what I did. (Or more!) If you are coachable and willing to put in the work, I can show you how to do this! I’ve got the roadmap. You just gotta jump in and let’s go!

I am here to create my own financial stability, to make sure my work is heard, seen and appreciated. I refuse to work my fingers to the bone to build someone else’s empire when I can build my own. I truly believe this is a golden ticket, there is one for everyone, despite what Mr. Wonka taught you.
You just have to walk in the door.

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Join the lifestyle

Perks of the Market Partner Program

✨As a Monat Market Partner we receive 30% off all products

✨ 30 day money back guarantee

✨Free shipping with all scheduled flexships

✨Access to flash sales

✨No purchasing requirements

✨No quotas

✨No monthly fees

✨No inventory required

✨Purchase + discount ( additional 15%- 25% off )

✨30% - 40% commissions on Retail Sales

✨15% - 25% commissions on VIP Sales

✨Free custom website (upgrade option available)

✨Weekly / monthly payouts

✨Smart start bonus program for your first full 60 days

✨Opportunity to earn free travel

✨Opportunity to earn a white Cadillac of choice at rank ‘Market Mentor’ ( middle of compensation plan )

✨Opportunity to build global business

✨Competitive compensation plan with 7 different ways to earn

✨Supportive community with access to free training and mentoring

Anti aging with luxury

The VIP program

When you join my VIP program you are treated like the very important person you are✨here are the perks!

✨One time enrollment fee of $19.99
✨30 day money back guarantee
✨Free shipping on qualifying orders
✨Free Only For You product on qualifying orders
✨$25 off on your birthday MONTH
✨NO autoship, ever
✨15% off, always
✨Customizable flexible shipments
✨Purchase + discount program + regular 15%off
✨Free, easy to use website & app

I am your personal consultant to help navigate the products, how to order and how to save!

Check out our VIP page for more information!