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Cloak codes

Shindo life cloak codes!

Dawn Hideout Cloak – 7822855148a
Senju Clan Hoodie – 7834514757a
Minato’s Cloak – 7851289603a
Cloak of Ember Sovereignty – 7848818432a
Reaper Cloak Deva Rengoku – 7855524117a
Gura’s Sea Wave Cloak – 7761311369a
Purple Dragon Cloak – 7812334679a
Hood-Katsuki Blue Cloak – 7816514312a
Hood-Kasuki Yellow Cloak – 7797442360a
Purple Akatsuki Cloak – 7804450407a
Rengoku White w/Flames Cloak – 7779388906a
Minato’s White & Red Flames Cloak – 7768619753a
Sans Cloak – 7778523640a
Narumaki Sage Mode – 7780100664a
Amatiri Clan Cloak – 7775432869a
Simple Moon Cloak – 7761296826a
Jashin Black Cloak – 7772783371a
Dio Senko Cloak – 7766794162a
Pink Flames – 7767773942a
Black and Green Cape – 7774378121a
Neo Blue Flames Cape – 7756460185a
Dio Cape – 7757699356a
Dio Cape V2 – 7747406441a
Blood Turtle Cloak – 7768605086a
Rinnegan Cloak – 7759474906a
Pink Fire w/Pink Swirl Logo Cloak – 7758633015a
Sharingan Cloak – 7770138733a
Red Fire Cloak – 7768356173a
Monster Energy Green Flames Cloak – 7766599337a
Akatsuki Custom Cloak – 7761886973a
Knight’s Cloak – 7768324439a

Mask codes

Mask codes

Black Anbu Mask with Red - 6363195081a
Traditional Japanese Waves Mask - 6386250681a
Shindo Fox Mask - 6767752589a
Blue Bankai Dark Mask - 7004472054a
Lightning Sky Mask - 6386226906a
Green Creature Mask - 5902860812a
Many Eyes Mask - 7696758224a
Creepy Mask - 7134080523a
Obito Rainbow Swirl Mask -7606322686a
White Kakashi Character Mask - 5894675538a
Black and White Dichotomy Mask - 7729456245a
Roblox Noob Mask - 7741094907a
Doge Mask - 7770707630a
Blue and Black Abstract Swirl Mask - 6386034759a
Static TV Mask - 7696688191a
Pink Floyd Mask - 295743219a
Pikachu Mask - 7602001271a
Blue Demon with Tusks Mask - 5792391247a
Moose Mask - 7456321a
Spider Creature Mask - 5789540122a
Japanese Flag Mask - 6692951901a
Chibi Red and Black Mask - 7162240906a
Blood Dragon Mask - 7056923329a
Yellow Mask with Black Lightning - 6386030930a
Black Mask with Red Lightning - 6449722364a
Clown Face Mask - 5894383418a
Flame Demon Mask - 6529038534a
Curse Black and White Mask - 7769015935a
Spider Blue Mask - 7235704394a
Black Mask with Smoke - 6388505568a
Red Details Black Dawn Mask - 6902345884a

Normal Codes

Shindo codes

None :(