Well Hello!

Let's get acquainted!

I am a licensed practical nurse working towards my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN). I live at home with my husband and my dog. I am very caring and love to inspire others and I hope to make a difference in many lives.

I partnered with a vegan beauty business. My business has transformed not only my skin and hair, but also my daily lifestyle. This opportunity has challenged me to grow and given back to me in so many ways! I love the convenience of working from home and on the road. I love my job because I help others feel beautiful and confident with clean and healthy products!

Everyone has a story, continue to learn my story.

Why did I start my own business?

I used my products for a month and I fell in love with my results! Upon sharing my skincare results, I received compliments and interests about my skincare routine and what products I use. I believe in my products and what it has done for me; with my business, I can share my experience and knowledge with everyone else.

I was ill and recovering since 2017 and out of the workforce. This was a great opportunity to start out my work journey again. Prior to 2017, I was an LPN in an assistive living, providing care and managing staff. What really stood out for me and encouraged me to continue my business is the history of my company starting out in hospitals working with post cancer patients and patients with alopecia grow back their hair. Wow! With my background and learning about their history, I am all in!

I have a passion for caring and providing the best customer service. As a team member or client of mine, I hope you place your confidence and trust in me to guide you through your transformation process!