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Specially curated by Qinatthedisco


Do you use the computer for long periods of time?

Do your eyes always feel really tired?

Try ZhenShiMing ice eye masks! The cooling sensation on the eye masks will relieve your eyes in just 15 minutes!!!

Contains ingredients such as:
Pearl powder
Peony extract
Cassia extract

Trial piece: $1.50/piece
1 box 12 pieces: $15/box

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YISU whitening nicotinamide mask

Our first product, Yisu whitening nicotinamide mask!

Key ingredients includes nicotinamide, ceramine and alpha arbutin. If you are looking for a whitening mask that brightens and moisturizes your skin at the same time, this is definitely the mask for you!

Trial piece: $2.50/piece
1 box 10 pieces: $20/box

DM us to order now!

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Girl Cult Chibi Maruko Chan makeup remover wipes

Girl Cult's Chibi Maruko Chan makeup remover wipes is open at preorder now!

Girl Cult's makeup remover wipes does not contain any alcohol or fragrance! Just press the wipes on your skin for 10 to 15 seconds to remove your makeup instantly.

Makeup remover wipes are a convenient and hygienic way of removing your makeup when you are travelling. You can also put a packet in your work bag for you to bring to work!

Available for preorder now at $20/box (24pcs/box).

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Samanli bubble mask

Key ingredients include:
1) Centella Asiatica
2) Hyaluronic acid
3) Coconut Oil
4) Bamboo Charcoal
5) Vitamin E
6) Licorice
7) Beetroot

Key benefits of the mask are:
1) deep cleansing
2) prevent acne and blackhead
3) soothes skin
4) hydrates and moisturizes skin
5) exfoliates skin

Trial piece: $1.50/piece
5 pieces: $7

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One leaf pinky sakura diamond mask

Want radiant and glowy skin in just 1 sheet mask?

One leaf pinky sakura diamond mask contains 1% niacinamide, sakura extract, diamond powder and bifida ferment lysate and gives you glowy radiant skin in just 1 sheet mask!

1 sheet mask is equivalent to 16 ampoules!

Consistent use will help improve your uneven skin tone and brighten your skin significantly.

Avaialble at:

Trial piece: $6.50 mailed (normal mail)
1 box 5 pieces: $26*
3 box 15 pieces: $72*

*price not inclusive of postage https://www.instagram.com/p/CEOgGx0HCfd/?igshid=s04wt0hgtw8m

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