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Travel Guide // Manila, Philippines

Spanish colonial architecture, bamboo bike tours, sweet yam ice cream, contemporary art and indigenous textiles are just a few of the incredible things that inspired us in Manila. Use this travel guide to the capital of the Philippines next time you head to Southeast Asia.

Getaway Guide // Isla Holbox, Mexico

Check out our Getaway Guide of Isla Holbox, Mexico. In it you will find everything you need for the perfect getaway — no matter the celebration or occasion!

How We Home: Dining Outdoors

Check out our tips on how you can create your own Alfresco Dinner Party using what you already have in your home.

Travel Guide // Seoul, South Korea

In this travel guide to Seoul, We share our favorite things to do and see in the land of kimchi and K-Pop.

Inspired By: Karin Bell Art

This Inspired By interview is with Karin of Karin Bell Art a Huntsville Printmaker specializing in Linocut work.

Letters From Lauren: A Community Table

In this Letter From Lauren, read the story of the 100-year old table that is featured in our store and how it is receiving a new legacy for our community.

How We Home: Designing Gallery Walls

In this edition of How We Home, we are giving you our tips & tricks for designing the perfect gallery wall!

Take Heart Homes: A Storied Home with Lindsey Pattillo Keane

In the continuation of our Take Heart Home series, we are introducing you to Lindsey Keane and her Storied Home.

Baggage Claim: Cambridge with Jessi Rogers

On this edition of Baggage Claim meet Jessi Rogers, a PhD student living her English dreams in Cambridge, UK!

Behind The Seams: Our First Hat Bar Workshop

Get an inside look at our first Hat Bar Workshop!

Behind The Seams: Our 2021 Fall Schedule

In the Behind The Seams we are giving you a look at our Fall Schedule lineup as well as everything you need to make sure you don’t miss a single event!

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