Jointix Magnetic Tiles

Benefits of playing with magnetic tiles:
πŸ€ Develop critical thinking
πŸ€ Encourage imagination
πŸ€ Building & construction skills
πŸ€ Develop problem solving skills
πŸ€ Co-operative play which helps with language development
πŸ€ Can be used as theraputic play
πŸ€ Hand-eye coordination
πŸ€ STEM learning(science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
πŸ€ Teaches kids about symmetry
πŸ€ Early maths skills, 2D & 3D patterning/sorting
πŸ€ Boost colors & shapes recognition
πŸ€ Open-ended play

Mini Combo Set (Valid until 21/7/2021)

98pcs marble run + 58pcs magnetic tiles

🏷️RM368 (NP: RM408)
Payment plan:
1. Full payment RM358 (RM10 off)
2. Pay now RM160 for 58pcs (ready stock) & pay later RM208 for 98pcs (pre-order)
🎁Free hijaiyah letters play idea (softcopy)

Trio Combo Set

If you have more than 1 child, this trio combo is the perfect choice!
🏷️RM697 (NP: RM737) ✨valid till 21st July 2021
You will get :
118pcs tiles + 98pcs marble run tiles + 58pcs tiles
🎁Freegift : Hijaiyah letters play idea (softcopy)
Payment plan:
1. Full payment RM687 (RM10 off)
2. Pay now RM160 for 58pcs (ready stock) & pay later RM537 for 98pcs & 118pcs (both are pre-order, will be available by end of July). Once full payment is made, items will be shipped to you.

58pcs Star Magnetic Tiles

58 pieces set comprises of :
2 Big Squares (15 X15cm)
24 Small Squares
8 Equilateral Triangles
4 Right Triangles
8 Isosceles Triangles
4 Jagged Shapes
2 Window Square Pieces
2 Hollow Square Pieces
4 Rectangles
Idea Booklet
✨Instalment plan is available : RM89.50 x2
🎁Free hijaiyah letters play idea (softcopy)

98pcs Marble Run

98 pieces marble ball run set comprises of:
30 Tiles
10 Long Straight Pieces
12 Short Straight Pieces
10 Slides
4 Snake Pieces
12 U Shapes
12 90 Degree Bends (Corner)
2 Bowls
6 Balls
Idea Booklet
✨Instalment plan is available :
RM114.50 x2 OR RM76.30 x3
🎁Free hijaiyah letters play idea (softcopy)

118pcs Star Magnetic Tiles

118 pieces set comprises of :
6 Big Squares (15 X 15cm)
36 Small Squares
16 Equilateral Triangles
12 Right Triangles
12 Isosceles Triangles
8 Jagged Shapes
6 Window Square Pieces
6 Hollow Square Pieces
8 Rectangles
6 H Shapes (Pathway/Fences)
2 Car Base
Idea Booklet
✨Instalment plan is available : 2x / 3x / 4x
🎁Free hijaiyah letters play idea (softcopy)