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Using Pen, to Make the Change.

My Art is my Present,
My Art tells stories about my Past,
My Art holding my hands tight so that we can walk together in my Future.
That's this 19 Year Old girl Shreya Pandey has to say about my website ;)

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Just like any other Day, Mornings must be sad but Alive. Perks of Lockdown you see but for a instance our thoughts of Lockdown have been on Brighter Side with Mismatched points of being with our Family all day without any stress of working like a Robot someone is using this time to detox themselves and some are trying to start their life on a note they wanted to start long.
Along with destruction happening to us we are all somewhere finding our mate (no not that mate you had in your mind at 1st place) we are all trying to live and conduct ourselves in a way that we don't find ourselves in a situation where we feel nothing but unworthy.

With the increasing deaths day by day which doesn't only records Deaths due to Novel Coronavirus but suicides and tragic deaths due to natural causes. The only conclusion which comes in our mind at first is "This time is wrong, this year is wrong, this year 2020 holds negativity" but what we aren't saying or listening is "This year 2020 is a reality Check".

The Real Question Hitting us all hard is-
Why is this feeling of Unworthiness over powers our positive beliefs?
This is a situation which is being faced by almost all of us today because our mind is not able to find work so if you are doing #workfromhome #studyfromhome you are God's Special Child in my opinion.
SelfWorth in this tough time can only be achieved when you indulge yourself in something you truly wanted to do for example some of my friends wanted to cook they are Instagram food bloggers now, one of my friend has a good knowledge she wrote knowledgeable blogs and then there is me who is trying to maintain her selfworth with My Poems, Stories, comedy videos and this blog.

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