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Student To A Digital Entrepreneur Journey

I am Shrishti Sajan from karwar, Karnataka.
I am a MTech graduate and an ex corporate who worked in IT as software engineer.

This is my story I was a person having dreams of doing something of my own . As I did my studies and got into job it gave me a realisation that I wanted something more in my life rather than being just an employee sitting behind my laptop working for someone else's dream and where only my Manager knew about me. Because we have always been told educate and get a degree and do job and your life is secured.

And do I really want to do this for my next 30-40 years?

I saw that there were so many young entrepreneurs of my age building a business online of crore turn over. I thought what is that I am not having?

I am working for someone else's dreams while I am sacrificing mine to fulfill their dreams.

Hence, I wanted to do something of my own where I wanted my own identity and found my path.

I am founder of Vision Digital Team. A digital entrepreneur and a business coach mentoring & empowering people PAN India.

I am helping people to build their online business without investment and build a passive income where more than 600+ of them are fulfilling their dreams with this opportunity especially during the pandemic hit the whole world. Being an engineer it is something I need to give solution for every problem and that is how I have built my business and in this journey I have travelled so many cities in India met many new people and learnt alot.

I love my profession of being digital entrepreneur and this is what I do for my living.
I believe the Youth of India has lot of potential.
I am looking for like minded youth to work with me.

If you wish to build something of your own and build a successful career be the change and break the stereotype.

My YouTube Channel

Vision Digital Team- 'Be The Change'

I am a digital entrepreneur and founder of Vision Digital Team having a team of professionals who are working from their comfort of home. I work on women empowerment & I help people build their business online through smartphone without any capital investment.
Vision Digital Team in association with Oriflame
Which is a 53 year old company having ap turn over of 14 thousand crore. Present in 60+ countries giving an opportunity to build entrepreneurs.
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Do not ask the people who have only sold products and done nothing else.
Checkout my teams testimonials who are having various qualifications and work experiences & are earning 5-6 figure income and are getting cash awards,bonuses, free sponsored travel nationally and internationally on my YouTube channel.

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Priyanka Bhatia- HR professional turns to digital entrepreneur

Grand recognition of Priyanka Bhatia

Grand recognition of Shanti Devi- Mother to entrepreneur l Unique success story must watch


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Taranjot Kaur- Excorporate turned into momentrepreneur

Archana Kumar- Excorporate turned digital entrepreneur

Tanisha Choudhury- College student turns digital entrepreneur

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My favourites


Must watch movie for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

This movie is emotional but it has a message and a lesson to learn. Loved the bond of father and son & the last scene where will smith has tears in his eyes that really touched my soul. A must watch movie

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