Happy 200th Days

Shuhua Xiaojun

My love and all,

My refuge and comfort,

You're the home that keeps me safe,
The one who stays beside me,
Even in times of storms, you fight them with me valorously.

My bestfriend, my peace, my forever,
Life is so resplendent and sublime when you came,
Excruciation seems so easy to surmount,
For you are there with me , our love shields us from harm.

You are the firefly that visited me in my dark prison,
You’ve illumined me with your shimmering being,
An angel that wrap me with pure white robe,
You’ve enclosed me dearly,
My countenance gleam as I felt your love burning me from the inside.

Yes, I will wait my lover,
Years and years plus forever and eternity,
Even in the second life,
In the gates of heaven, in that heavenly realm,
I will wait and hold you tight forevermore,
Nothing and no one will ever take us apart,

You're the one I only love,
The one whom I will keep dearly in my heart infinitely,
The one whom I'll risk all just to keep you secure and joyous,
The one whom I will grow old with,
The one whom I will spend everlasting with,
And I love you infinity + forever,
‘Cause you are the one preordained for me, my soulmate.

with love <3