When it rains, find 🌈 when it’s dark, find 🌟

Stepping outside my comfort zone

I’m from Penang. I’m sharp, authentic, forthright and funny! I’m a proud momma to a girl and a boy. I get all fuzzy with my doggies. I love sharing moments in my life that brings joy & laughter because I believe we could all use some of that!

Juggling my role as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and entrepreneur, no, I don’t have it altogether but to be honest, I’m done having it together 😄 I want to stand fully in my truth. I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life.

So, to become a confident businesswoman, I've changed the narrative I'm telling myself about who I am and what I am capable of and I want the same for you too. I want you to choose courage over comfort, because you can’t have both. Not at the same time and let’s not chase extraordinary moments to moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of us if we are paying attention and practising gratitude.

So, here I am, letting go of my fears, my insecurities, I am done giving my power away. I am a woman, a woman who has so much love to give and that’s what I love about the journey that I’m on. I realized you don’t have to sacrifice any part of you for success and to me that’s the ultimate freedom.

I invite you to come along with me on this journey. I promise, it’s gonna be fun!


Premium Experience Kit

Combining our top favorite oils and diffusers in one plush kit, it's the best way to start your wellness journey with Young Living.

The PremExp Kit from Young Living is a seriously good deal for anyone who is serious about transforming their lives through plant based, non-toxic products. The kit offers a comprehensive introduction to essential oils, and is the perfect place to start!

While Young Living offers a variety of starter kits for you to choose from, the most popular and best bang for your buck is the Premium Experience Kit.

The best part about the PremExp Kit is that you have a choice five amazing diffusers. This is pretty much why we call this kit the beginner’s kit! Not only does it give you 10 of the most popular oils, but you get a diffuser so that you can immediately on day one replace those toxic candles of yours and start getting the aromatic wellness benefits of essential oils!

Desert Mist™ Diffuser (you have the option to select others)
You’ll get 10 of the most popular and versatile essential oils:

Lavender 5-ml
Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml
Valor® 5-ml
Frankincense 5-ml
Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml
RC™ 5-ml
DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml
Deep Relief™ 5-ml
Purification™ Vitality 5-ml

Plus a ton of extras and fun goodies beyond the oils!

V-6 vegetable oil 58ml
Four 5ml roller bottles
Two 10ml roller bottles
1 funnel
1 swatch cards
1 30-day-starter guide book
1 Product guide
1 Price list
3 YL reusable bag (S,M & L size)
Essential Oil Display Tray

Boom…Cost Savings from a Premium Experience Kit!

If you recall, a minute ago I told you the PremExp Kit is by far the best bang for your buck if you’re interested in entering the world of essential oils. It’s definitely an investment for as low as RM675, but who can honestly say that investing RM675 in your health and happiness is too much? Especially once you know that the products included in this kit are valued at over RM1400. A high quality diffuser alone is going to cost you close to RM300, and if you were to then add in another oil or two to get you started, you’d almost be at the cost of the kit.

Instead, by purchasing a PremExp Kit for as low as RM675, you get a diffuser and 10 of the most popular and versatile oils!

In addition to the up front cost savings you’ll see by purchasing a PremExp Kit, I’ll also remind you that this purchase officially makes you a wholesale member. And with that comes a slew of additional perks. I previously reviewed the benefits of becoming a wholesale member in my IGTV sharing with more detail, but I’ll give you a quick reminder.

Top Benefits of Becoming a Young Living Member

Once you make the one time purchase of a PremExp Kit, you become a member and get to benefit from all of these amazing perks:

🌿24% off discount on every future purchase

🌿A variety of marketing and educational materials

🌿Essential rewards. This is completely optional, but it’s a free, no risk program that makes you eligible for cash back, discounted shipping, free products, and exclusive products.

🌿Access to a new “team” of amazing ladies. Our team is full of (men and) women and we chat and share about oils all day long! There are Facebook groups, text threads, monthly calls, emails etc. All of this conversation is optional, but it’s a great way to learn about oils and make the most of your purchase.

If you’re still on the fence, or have any questions, please click on any of the social media button below to connect with me and we can always chat! 🙌🏼

Sitting on the fence?

To be or not to be a wholesale member

If I have spoken to you or if you have been following my stories and posts, you are most likely encouraged to get started by becoming a member. If you’re (or maybe) interested in oils, but confused on how you should get them, keep reading.

Young Living allows customers to get your hands on the products one of two ways, as a member, or a retail customer.

As a member, you technically become an ‘Associate’. Stick with me though. Although this may sound scary, you in no way shape or form ever have to sell oils to anyone. Ever. Unless you choose to. Becoming a member allows you to share oils to friends and family. That’s it. No need to sell!

Let’s be clear and I want to correct some common misconceptions about You g Living’s membership…

🌿There is no requirement to sell oils to other people, ever.

🌿You do not need to purchase items every month. Or every other month. Or even every other other month. In fact, your first purchase could be your only purchase this entire year, and that’s fine!

🌿There is no monthly minimum that you need to spend.

🌿You are not committing a crime by becoming a member of an MLM company.

The Only Actual Requirements of Becoming a Young Living Member…

🌿Get one of the “Kits” to qualify as a member.

🌿In order to keep your account “active” status, you need to spend RM200 ($50) year. If you miss the annual purchase requirement, you simply lose your member status. Young Living will not automatically charge you anything, and there’s no harm to you.

I hope it helped you to make decision! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Sign me up!

Let’s Order a Premium Experience Kit

I believe you’ve read my introduction to essential oils and seen exactly what’s included in the pretty white box! You are making a healthy choice for your family by beginning to introduce plant based, pure goodness into your home. You are also making a cost conscious choice! So your wallet and budget will thank you.

Now that the hard part of reading, research, and decision making is done, it’s time to order your Premium Experience Kit and begin your journey with oils.

Step by Step Instructions for How to Order a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living

To get started, visit this link:

Step 1, choose your starter kit⬇️

Under Step 2, decide if you’re ready to enroll in Essential Rewards! If so, click “Yes” twice in a row⬇️

Under Step 3, you’re setting up next month’s order.
This is something you can change any time between now and the 1st of the month, so for simplicity sake, I suggest just choosing the NingXia Red kit. Again, you’re not locked into this. I’ll help you update our order before next month. This is just to keep checkout easier today and shipping is cheaper⬇️

Then click “Next” under Continue Enrollment.
Fill in all of your personal information. This includes setting up username and password to use in the future, and a 4 digit PIN that will be used to verify your account if you ever contact customer service⬇️

You do not need to enter a social security number (for international) This is only if you’re interested in receiving a paycheck from Young Living. Otherwise, just choose the bubble that says “Individual no SSN required”. As for Malaysians, please choose “Individual” and enter your NRIC number⬇️

Scroll down, accept the terms, and click “Accept and Continue”⬇️

Enter your shipping and billing info, and you’re done!👏🏼

If you’re at all confused, have any questions, send me a message, click on any of the social links to connect with me. I’m happy to walk you through the sign up process, or send you more thorough instructions if you’re getting stuck on any one step.

What Happens Next?

Sprinkles and confetti will begin to fall down from the sky all around you! Kidding, kidding, obviously.🥳

Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll get a welcome email from me. The email will contain links to helpful resources, educational materials, and my favorite places to learn about oils. You’ll also receive an email from Young Living too.

I’ll also invite you to a Facebook group (you don’t have to join if you’re not interested) where all the other members on our team talk and share and ask (and answer) questions. Again, totally optional. Members in the group span all different skill and experience levels when it comes to oils, so it’s literally a wealth of knowledge and expertise just waiting to help you. Plus, it’s fun, a supportive community, and there are giveaways and incentives all the time.

Your kit will generally arrive within 7-10 days of purchase. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a Happy mail from me in your real life mailbox! Not inbox. 😄


Your Premium Starter Kit has Arrived!

Now What?

Your Premium Experience Kit recently arrived in the mail from Young Living, and you’re over the moon excited, I know I was! But… there’s a lot to unpack and you’re not sure where to start. Right? Right.

Opening a starter kit doesn’t need to be overwhelming. So much care and thought was put into curating this awesome bundle, 30-day-challenge guide book, swatch cards with diffuser recipes, roller bottles to customize your very own blends!

Your diffuser is soon going to be your best friend, but it’s important to know a thing or two about diffusing oils before you jump into it. We all have different tolerance levels for essential oils, and it’s important to ease into diffusing so that your body has a chance to adjust to these powerful, plant based substances. Start low (in terms of how many drops of oil you add). So while starter kit diffuser blends may suggest adding anywhere from 4-10 drops of oil, I recommend starting with something dead simple.

Take out your bottle of lavender essential oil, and add 2-3 drops into your diffuser. Or try 2-3 drops of lemon. Lavender is a very gentle oil, and lemon is a common smell. So neither should overwhelm you in your early days of diffusing.

Make sure you always read your diffuser’s user manual so you understand safe limits, and if you don’t even know how to turn your diffuser on, I have Youtube link outlining the basics of how to use your Young Living diffuser!

Keep in mind that Young Living isn’t just about essential oils in their pure, oil form. The company also offers a complete product line of cleaning solutions (my favorite). And personal care products. Think hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, and facial cleansers. There’s even a product line formulated specifically for children. Young Living recently released a full line of clean makeup, and more.

Don’t Forget to Enroll in Essential Rewards

As you become more and more obsessed with your oils (because I know you will), I highly encourage you to consider enrolling in Essential Rewards. Yes, there’s a minimum monthly requirement and it is such an incredibly easy way to gradually (but consistently) build your oil supply while also systematically replacing all of your chemical filled household products with safe, plant based products by Young Living.

Not only does Essential Rewards encourage you to continue to build a chemical free home, there are other amazing benefits to the program:

🌿Points back with every purchase. 10-25% back depending on how long you’ve been enrolled!

🌿Free products

🌿Priority shipping and flat fee shipping rates

🌿You can change your order every month so you get exactly what you need/want at any given time

🌿You can cancel (and re-enroll) at any time. No risks.

If you’re interested in learning more about Essential Rewards, send me a quick email or message me on Instagram.

Premium Experience Kit

Inhalation, topical use or diffuse! Everything you need to jump-start your clean-living experience is just a click away!

I can’t wait for this epic white box to land into your hands!

My Top Picks

Products I love!

When I first became part of the Young Living community, these were some of the products that I was introduced to and I’m doing the same for you. I’m not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life in so many ways.

These are only some of my favorites amongst others since we do have 600 products!

Click the links below…

If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

High in Antioxidants!

NingXia Red® is a delicious drink packed with powerful antioxidants to help against oxidative stress, support normal cellular function, and promote healthy energy levels for the perfect way ...

Ditch & Switch

The Young Living Thieves range has been specially crafted using plant based ingredients and pure essential oils to help tackle your everyday household chores with ease. Our careful blend of botanicals makes the Thieves formula free from harsh chemicals and irritants—it’s tough on dirt but gentle on you!

Featuring powerful Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary essential oils, you’ll love the warm, welcoming aroma of Thieves throughout your home.

Plant based supplement

Good health starts at the cellular level.

Sulfurzyme contains MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue.

It also contains wolfberries. Wolfberries are going to help free radicals get out of your body.


The combo of MSM and Wolfberries in the SAME supplement is by design! Wolfberries contain minerals and coenzymes that support the assimilation and metabolism of sulfur.

This supplement supports your liver, circulatory system, and the immune system.

If you are looking for healthy skin, hair growth and hardy nails, this is your supplement!

Ready to watch your skin bloom?

The exclusive Sheerlumé Brightening Complex featured in BLOOM Brightening Skincare System is formulated with plant-based natural ingredients that can brighten the skin's appearance and add natural radiance.

Brown girls/women like me, we usually have uneven skin tone and that really sucks big time! But with this skincare range, I can go without makeup and my skin feels so much cleaner and tighter. You will see the difference in no time and what’s really cool about it is that it had no harsh chemicals!

Are you ready to break-up from your toxic makeup!

This is one breakup you can smile about. You won’t be left weeping, binging on chocolate, and watching teen romcom reruns. Instead, you’ll be radiant, glowing, and wishing that every breakup could be just as clean.

Why use natural makeup?
Store-bought makeup is full of parabens, talc, and coal tar. Let clean beauty and natural makeup help you feel your best inside and out!

Get some Sleep!

The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

The most common question I get from friends and fellow exhausted, overwhelmed mom friends is how to use essential oils for sleep. Well, make that two common questions: how to use essential oils for sleep and work stress!

My husband has been using essential oils to help with his sleep for almost two years now, and I’m here to tell you this sh*t isn’t a joke. Before I started using essential oils, I was a complete skeptic. Like, big time skeptic. Big, big, BIG time skeptic. Queen of rolling my eyes and laughing at people who used these little bottles and claimed they actually worked.😬

I was so freaking wrong! Essential oils have helped completely transform my home, my wellness, my mental health… and yes, our sleep!

Whether you struggle to fall a sleep, or have a hard time staying asleep, or maybe you just want your toddler to sleep through the night (just ONCE!), I’m here to tell you that essential oils can help. Even if you’re a total skeptic – seriously, what do you have to lose?

High quality essential oils are a natural way to help your mind and body relax, and sleep more soundly at night. Research shows that essential oils can provide relief for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality in adults. All you have to do is a quick Google search to be completely inundated by information on how it works. Yes, there are endless personal testimonials too.

Single oils and blends that are most commonly associated with sleep support:

🌿Lavender essential oil: this is probably the most widely known oil associated with relaxation and sleep. It’s used everywhere for its calming properties, so why not use it to your advantage at bedtime? It eases tension and induces relaxation with a calming and fresh scent. It’s the ideal companion for bed linens and one of the best essential oils to apply before you go to sleep, as its soothing aroma is mild and relaxing. Try Lavender essential oil applied to the bottom of your feet before bed, or mix the oil in a spray bottle with distilled water and spritz it on your pillow. The sweet, floral aroma is a great cue to your mind and body that it’s time to settle down.

🌿Frankincense essential oil: promotes feelings of calm, peace, relaxation, and focus. Frankincense is a complex and woodsy scent, and is one of the best essential oils available for creating a peaceful and meditative space. Create calm and focus as you clear your head before rest by diffusing Frankincense essential oil during bedtime meditation practice. And try adding a drop of Frankincense essential oil to your night cream.

🌿Vetiver essential oil: a super powerful oil that can be a bit intimidating, with a complex aroma and a thicker texture than most essential oils. BUT with Vetiver essential oil in your diffuser at nighttime, you’ll soon realize that it’s one of the best oils for bedtime. It helps your body and brain with overstimulation, so you can calm down and prepare for a good night rest.

🌿Cedarwood essential oil: a sweet, woodsy aroma, ideal for making bedtime your favorite time of the day. Use it for its gentle aroma or for its many topical benefits. As a tool for bedtime, this helps your brain to stop processing, so you can drift off to sleep.

🌿Roman Chamomile: sweet floral aroma is calming and soothing to the mind and body, making it one of the most often used essential oils for sleep.

My favorite way to use essential oils at bedtime to help promote a good night’s sleep is to diffuse a blend of oils on my nightstand. This is the least complicated way for me (and convenience wins around here), plus, the fact that my diffuser can run all night helps ensure I reap the benefits of essential oils all night long!

But there are many ways you can incorporate essential oils into your nighttime routine. Here are just a few:

🌱Make a cup of calming tea
🌱Add essential oils to a pre-bedtime bath
🌱Indulge in a quick foot soak
🌱Add a few drops of essential oil in your night cream
🌱Apply essential oils to your body topically with an easy to use roll-on or massage
🌱Diffusing oils
🌱Create a linen spray and spritz your pillow and sheets before bedtime

As you can see there are tons of ways you can incorporate essential oils into your nightly routine, but don’t let the endless options overwhelm you. If you’re desperate for some kind of sleep support and just need to start somewhere, I suggest starting simple.Diffusing essential oils at night is a habit now. It takes 30 seconds for me to prep my diffuser each night, and it’s something I can’t go without.

If you thinking diffusing essential oils is the route you want to go for sleep support at night, below are the 3 diffuser blends that I can’t get enough of at night.

Sweet Dreams
4 Lavender
2 Cedarwood
2 Vetiver

Heavenly Dreams
4 Frankincense
3 Valor

Soothing Slumber
4 Frankincense
3 Lavender

And don’t worry… there are a lot more where these came from!

I hope this was helpful!


Why you need to create a non-toxic home

Many “toxin free” “pure” makeup companies use TALC in their powder formulas and claim that their TALC is “Cosmetic Grade.” There is no such thing as cosmetic grade TALC. Talcum powder is always just TALC and is know to cause cancer. A recent class action lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson was won by the plaintiffs and J&J had to pay millions in damages due specifically to TALC causing deaths and illnesses in infants and children. Are you OK with having your babies and pets kissing your face with cancer causing TALC all over it?

Source for J&J lawsuits: many many many that you can see online that J&J lost. Most recent: July 12, 2018 Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay 4.69 billion to 22 woman who claimed asbestos in the company’s talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer. Published by the New York Times and others plus a major network commercial.

Major laundry detergent companies have been hit with claim after claim when babies have died from consuming their “Pods.” In recent commercials from 2018, they depict a happy baby reaching for a dropped pod in the laundry basket as the mom reaches down saying “oops!” They go on to say their new bag design is more secure. I guess it is OK to drop a grenade right next to your baby as long as the pin is still in place. I’m sure all you moms out there close every single bag perfectly tight every single time. This is ludicrous!

Source: Consumer Reports 2015

Bleach is a known killer of infants. If a baby crawls through some spilled bleach on the floor, they don’t just get sick, they get pulmonary edema and… THEY MAY DIE! Infants do not have fully developed lungs and they cannot tolerate this poison. Bleach should not be in anyone’s home let alone a home with infants.

“Besides making allergies worse, bleach can cause allergies in children and those who were allergy-free to begin with… According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 11,000 people will die this year alone due to indoor air pollution caused by toxic cleaning products, one of which is bleach.”

“The risk of any recurrent infections apart from common colds in the previous year (overall 53%) was 14% higher in children from homes where bleach was used…” European Respiratory Journal, 2011

The CDC website recommends calling 911 right away when exposed to bleach.

PubMed used to be a trusted site for medical studies and articles. As of 2017 they have been allowing puff pieces and half truth articles onto their website. It is no longer a valid or trusted source for information.

Having an organic label on your products is misleading. It is common practice for companies to pay (bribe) the inspector so they will pass as organic. It happens more than we would want to know about. Let’s say, though, that the farm did in fact pass, and does everything in their power to be organic. This means using land that has not seen any synthetic chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemical pesticides. This means that the seeds they use are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and are also not hybridized. Some people will claim hybridization can be considered organic. I emphatically disagree. When you create a hybrid upon hybrid upon hybrid (which is usually what happens) you end up with something that is so far removed from the original that your body will not recognize it. Case in point: “organic” wheat in the USA. That is an oxymoron.

Nothing can truly be organic. Sadly, unless you know the farmer, know the land, know the land surrounding the farm, know the flight paths, know the surrounding city pollutants for possible polluted rain, you cannot possibly know if anything is truly organic. Consider jet fuel that mists down onto crops and acid rain.


“It is generally understood that the number of chemical compounds currently recognized in the United States exceeds 3 million and approximately 3,000 new ones are being added each year.” [Source: Technologies and Management Strategies for Hazardous Waste Control, Published March 1983 by the United States Congress, Office of Technology Assessment.]

The EPA has reviewed only around 36,000 chemicals. [Source: Chemical Safety Facts: “Debunking the Myths: Chemicals and Testing for Safety”]

*** NOTE: The Chemical Safety Facts website is run by the American Chemistry Council, a trade association for companies who make chemicals.

2938 personal care and home used chemicals have been tested and they found that 884 are toxic, 146 can cause tumors, 218 can cause reproductive complications, 778 can cause acute toxicity, 314 can cause biological mutations, 376 can cause skin and eye irritations. [Source: United States House of Representatives Report from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 1989]

There are 150 chemicals found primarily in our homes that are connected to birth defects, cancer, allergies, and psychological disorders. [Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission]

Stay at home moms and women who work from home are 54% more likely to die from cancer than women who don’t work from home. [Source: 15 year EPA study]

The American Cancer Society states based on the FDA regulations of cosmetics, “Cosmetics intended for retail sale must have a list of ingredients on the label. The list does not have to include flavor, fragrance, or trade secret ingredients.”

The toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution. [Source: EPA report from 1985]

Source: https://31oils.com/toxin-claims/