About shuqroh.ng

Shuqroh.ng is a muslimah fashion brand that was created after a major life challenge.

Her main focus is to showcase the beauty and value in muslim female clothing and also inspire the stepping out with courage In muslimah modest outfits .

About shuqroh.ng

Designs  —

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Some of our amazing designs that not only looking beautiful but also meet the requirements of a muslimah modest wear

French jilbab

The silky soft touch of these bottle green jilbab make it stand out.

The length reaches the toe you don't need to put on socks in-door to pray in the beautiful piece.

And the widness is the beginning of freedom (you know what I mean lol).

Sleeves are free with no elastic rubber and zipper except for hand loop(have you tried jilbab with hand loop?) you definitely want to try this.

Jilbab is available in different colours and different sizes.


Link to pre-order via whatsapp

Abaya #2

The uniqueness is the zipper scroll down to check one more time 😉

So the advantage of the zipper is much but to mention few

1. It make it very easy to perform ablution where indoor or outdoor.

2. Despite having zipper the sleeves are not to tight to inconvenience .

3. you can decide to unzip or zip the abaya sleeves either indoor or outdoor without revealing your beautiful skin.

4. Another place the zipper can be is at the front of the abaya for breast feeding mama.

Abaya is wide enough to conceal shape and not transparent.

Soft and silky plain crepe material.

Available on pre-order.

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French jilbab #3

One of our best selling jilbab.

It speaks for itself.

Available with the RAFFIA BAG

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Two pieces(abaya and French khimar)

Can also be worn to official occasions

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two pieces

An abaya and french khimar(short)


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Price list

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