Xue ( pronounced Sh-way)  —

Hi! Welcome. This is a little introduction to put a face to the shop you're looking at. I am a Cantonese born mexican, who is currently living in Toronto or possibly Mexico.

I love fashion and decor but also think is everyone's responsibility to take care of the people and our planet.

My shop combines all of these beliefs by having thrifted items as well as items that come directly from the hands of mexican artisans.

Trying to be as conscious and as fair to everyone (primarily for the artisans' pieces) when it comes to pricing, you'll find my pieces to be as affordable as possible.

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Mexico - My top picks —

Cities / places to go to

These are all based on my travels. 100% tourist trap proof!


Of course my 1st choice has to be my home, Mexico City.
Not only because it holds a special place in my heart, but because I truly believe this city is the Latin version of a Toronto or NYC
From endless food options varying from Mexican to any fusion you can ever imagine
You still get the most out of family owned restaurants, farmer markets in every corner, and on top of that, there is not a bad time to visit! You can bet the weather will be amazing all year round 💜

My CDMX highlights


Everyone knows Mexican beaches are the place to go.
However Zicatela / Puerto Escondido has to be my favourite.
The beach is beautiful, but the people is what makes this place amazing.
Known for being the top choice for surfers, it almost feels like you are part of a community when you're there.
Instead of touristy hotels, most places are little hostels where you will undoubtedly meet people your age and have a blast
Prices are pretty affordable even when going to a "hip" restaurant. However, the local places is where you should definitely aim for a cultural and amazing feast

Zicatela highlights


Another one of my top picks when it comes to beaches. Again, great food, great people and not touristy at all.
Sayulita is great if you are trying to find a great place to live and work. If you are planning on doing so, i would recommend staying at the Selina there. The WiFi is top notch, you will be steps away from all bars and restaurants, and it even hosts their own events if you are down for a mid day adventure.
Because it is THE place to stay for people working remotely, you will be sure to find other nomads to hangout with

Sayulita highlights