It always seems impossible until it’s done!

Hello my love! My name is Shy’an Ryan and I’m so happy you are on my page! I’m currently a full time preschool teacher , here recently I became a social media infuencer in a network marketing luxury hair and skin company. Along with teaching, and being a network marketer I’m involved in Sunday school, outreach, cleaning, and praise/choir ministry.

How would I describe myself? Well according to family, and friends I’m quiet, humble, silly, and a lady who loves all things fashion, and hair! Those are just the tip of the iceberg though I’m also a very passionate person! Some of passions include:
1). Jesus
2). Helping others
3). My family
4). All things beauty

When a high school friend reached out to me about becoming her business partner I was like heck yes! 100% yes!! I did my research about this business of course and what really sold me was the fact that this business would allow me to share my favorite hair, and skin products while talking about my love for Jesus, how to be fashionable, while still being modest while connecting with others all with a bottle of shampoo, and face wash!

I’m so excited for the chance to do social selling, making extra income to provide for my family, and work with other boss ladies!

Swipe left to learn more about my business, and how you too can become my business partner! 🤩