Siani Mesa

Empowering others to become their own boss and allow their dream life to become a reality✨

Hey! My name is Siani, I’m a full time college student in my third year at The New School and I’m a 20 year old Entrepreneur and Beauty influencer. My goal is to work with like minded individuals; who want more and are craving change. By mentoring you on how to build from the inside out, together we can become financially independent and change lives!

Before I decided to establish my own business, I was in a very limiting and negative space that poisoned my mind and made it difficult for me to envision my future. I found some peace in music, reading, poetry, and art and my escape in school. But what I ultimately realized was that I didn’t need an escape, I needed relief. I was tired of having to sacrifice who I was to please others, I was tired of this instability within myself because I wasn’t allowed to access my own independence; financially, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. I looked at college as an opportunity to finally embark on my own journey but I still was lacking fulfillment, living with fear, and felt that restrictions were still following me into this new environment.

That’s when I was introduced into the world of network marketing and entrepreneurship. This was something I never imagined or considered getting into. I was an artistically focused person who viewed business as just numbers, math, and dollar signs. But when the opportunity to establish something of my own was presented to me, it was almost like a calling from the universe. I wanted to be my own person and implement my being into something to call mine, and I ended up finding that and so much more. My creativity and artistic flows were able to be implemented into my business through my content, I was able to plant seeds and sprout through barriers that I created out of fear and grow internally, I was blessed with an amazing community filled with beautiful souls that support and uplift each other on the daily, and my own space to create more for myself and guide me down a path of inner peace, balance, and ownership of my life.

Now imagine you as your own boss, building a team of amazing, hardworking people who are ready to start the journey with you to success, new knowledge, and growth? Doesn’t that sound powerful? It’s definitely possible…
you just have to put in the work!

I invested into these products because I wanted to preserve my hair, skin, and overall wellness. But I invested into myself because I wanted to learn how to preserve a fire within others, who want better for themselves, who want something more just like I do! Through mentorship and collaboration , we can inspire many and learn how to leverage our platforms and resources to generate multiple streams of income!

My goal isn’t to sell you anything, it’s to share with you an amazing opportunity that has transformed my life as well everyone else’s life around me. It’s not impossible and very attainable, all you have to do is say yes.

Build with me