My why

Nothing changes if nothing changes

I grew up with loving parents who always provided for me BUT since a very young age I was taught.. nothing you want in this life is going to be handed to you. You want a car? work for it. You want money to go run around with friends? work for it. Some people consider that a little harsh but i’m forever grateful for those lessons, for they made me who I am today and is what drove me to make the decision to take a leap into this new opportunity..

I’m currently majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Although, I love my major for many reasons, i’m not in it for the money. I always knew I needed a side hustle or summer gig to meet my financial goals in life. Instead of just continuing to scroll through social media, liking and sharing dream homes, thinking that one day it’s just going to fall into my lap.. I decided I needed to start putting in work, to aim towards those goals. Which is what brought me to MONAT. This opportunity not only helps women/men reach their financial goals but it also comes with a successful community that wants to help you level up. This anti aging skincare/haircare company allows you to be your own boss, make your own schedule and make money from your phone. Everyone is so comfortable with being comfortable. That’s going to get you no where, take a leap.. you’ll thank yourself later