How to gain followers on tiktok

Steps on how to gain tiktok followers

How do you get started?
Step 1.

First you will want to make an introduction video explaining who you are and why you want to be a fanpage.

Here are some examples of what you want to say

Your age
Your name
Your gender
Your favourite hobby
Your idol
Your favourite colour

Then you will want to put a couple of hashtags in the caption(about 3 or 4)

What hashtags should i use?

Use hashtags that are related to your fanpage like #fanpage #idol. Do NOT use hashtags that don't relate to your page because your video will end up getting shown to the wrong users which means they will not like your content. Ive seen lot's of fanpages do this and get between 100-20k likes, just give it a try leave your video up for a couple of days.

How do i get people to follow me back?
Step 2.

After that you will want to follow lots of other fanpages because they will likely follow you back. Participate in gain trains they help you gain lots of followers. Comment on fanpage videos on your fyp saying "want to f4f" you would have to follow them first then hopefully they will follow you back:)

How do i get on the fyp?
Step 3.

To get on the fyp always join famous fanpage trends and post about tiktok tea people on tiktok always like drama!

How much should i post?
Step 4.

Post at least 1-3 times a day if you barely post then your viewers will think that your inactive and will unfollow but don't post anymore than 3 because your viewers will get annoyed at you spamming, this might cause them to unfollow or even block you!

What would cause me to get hate?
Step 5.

Be honest and don't lie because if you lie your viewers will get really annoyed and will not trust you. Don't clickbate your videos, people might not notice this at the start but soon they will start to realise that your videos are lies and will hate! Don't be negative towards others because they will likely expose you which means haters will come to your page and hate on you a lot.

Thank you for reading I hope this helps you:) before you go add my socials!

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