“It is a really good thing to be known, it is entirely another to be heard.”

I’m Sierra, and as cheesy as it sounds, all I desire right now is for you to see my heart and love for life. To get a glimpse of my humanness and a dose of who I am proud to be. I am delighted you’re here!

First off, I always make sure people know I was born in Arizona, with high hopes it will explain my cacti obsession. I currently call Florida my home, but let’s face the truth, my heart is anywhere I can count the distance in mountains and hike pretty country in my free time. I am with the majority when I say that I too dream of traveling the world. I am passionate about the outdoors and soaking in every ounce of such a perfect creation. I strive in situations where I must push and challenge myself; whether that be in my career, fitness, creative passions, or relationships. I am a firm believer that the journey is just as important as the destination, and that we are all here with a purpose. I embrace my humanness, the messy and loud. I strive to have a brave heart and to be brave in loving people.

I have a cocker spaniel/yorkshire terrier pup named Charlie who screams everything I love and believe in. It is the little things that get my heart going and I will always cherish them. I have many dreams, big ones, many more than I have time for, and Mom, maybe I do need a reality check once in a while.

I am not promised tomorrow, so I encourage myself to live in the present day, to rest in full contentment that I am right where I need to be.

I value long and vulnerable conversation, good genuine music, and road-tripping to new places. I believe in quality over quantity, sincerity and authenticity. I want to stoke the world.

These are just my 19 year old thoughts, my 19 year old experiences and yeah, I could do it privately. I could fill hundreds of journals and photo albums. However making it public and putting myself out there is a way for me to connect with likeminded people and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else out there.

Here I stand, I am humbled to call this, this art of documenting, capturing, and creating tangible moments part of my life. I have met the most incredible humans and life-long friends in my walk this far. I can only be excited for the new opportunities that I know are coming. I was created to create.