20 and making a life for my family

How network marketing changed my life

Hello!! For those who don’t know me my name is Sierra and I’m a mama to my little boy Bryson. I work part-time at a cancer center (finally feels good to say that after a year of working full time with a newborn). All while helping women make money on social media. I am also in school to get my bachelors in psychology.

I never in a million years thought I would get my self into network marketing. If I’m honest I always thought it was a scam and that there was no way you could actually make a living off of this. But then I watched my mentor do it and other girls around me do it. These were Moms, people with 9-5’s, students and just anyone wanting some extra money. But not only were they signing up for a business but they’re signing up for financial freedom, a supportive community of women and so much more.

Thus far me and my family have been able to achieve; buying our first home, buying a family car and giving our little man the best life possible. And just recently as of Nov 2020, I was able to cut my hours at my full time job to only part time.

Also just remember, I am a beauty consultant and specialize in vegan, anti-agin products. If you could use any help with your hair or skin, or want to switch to some natural products —let me know!

Join me on this journey